You have already seen three of the ’90-Day Fiancées’ couples who will move into the 8th week in December.


With winter looming on the horizon, 90 Day Fiancé fans can look forward to a whole new season of their favorite series. Season 8 returns on December 6 with seven pairs, three of which have already been seen in a series of 90 Day Fiancé offshoots.

The full cast list was announced by People on Tuesday and includes Mike and Natalie from Season 7, Rebecca and Zied from Before the 90 Days Season 3 and Tarik and Hazel from Before the 90 Days Season 2.

It’s been a while since fans have seen some of the couples, and fans of Before the 90 Days have been waiting in real time for a chance to legally unite in America. With three dramatic stories and previously constructed storylines, dedicated viewers don’t need to ask themselves what these six reality stars are up to.

Four new couples are also introduced. All in all, the 8th season of 90 Days of Fiancé will focus on couples trying to not only survive the transition to a personal relationship in America, but also to get green cards, have new experiences and much more, all in the middle of a global pandemic.

The new couples will spend time introducing themselves to the world and explaining how they first met. Their stories are listed below.

Stephanie (52) and Ryan (27)

If there is one story that calls for trouble, it may be the relationship of Stephanie and Ryan. Stephanie met Ryan in Belize, and since then she pays his rent and supports him financially. He will move to America, but in the couple’s biography before the season, it is already mentioned that Ryan is known for being flirtatious, which can lead to arguments.

Andrew (32) and Amira (28)

This couple has only spent one week together in person and 90 days of fiancé in season 8 will show how Amira moves from France to the United States. After meeting through a dating app, Andrew and Amira vacationed together in Las Vegas. By the end of the week they were engaged.

Jovi (29) and Yara (25)

Although Jovi and Yara have never been on the show, they have a dramatic shared past. After a meeting in the Ukraine, Jara became pregnant. She lost the baby, but the experience strengthened their love for each other. Now Yara is moving to New Orleans to live with Jovi.

Brandon (27) and Julia (26)

There always seems to be a couple that is strongly bound to their family, and the relationship between Brandon and Julia could be just that. Julia will move from Russia to Virginia, only to move to Brandon’s family’s farm. As they solidify their relationship on American soil, they will work as farmhands on Brandon’s “conservative” parental farm.

As for the returnees, their relationships are already solidified. The audience experienced an interesting drama between the two couples.

Mike (35) and Natalie (35)

It would be generous to say that Mike and Natalie had “a few” problems in their relationship while waiting for their K-1 visa to be approved in Ukraine. Trust issues plagued their relationship, but Natalie is ready to go to the USA. The tricky part? She only has 20 days to pack and move, while Mike already has doubts.

Rebecca (49) and Zied (27)

Zied is about to move from Tunisia to America, but a final interview stands in the way of his relationship with Rebecca. The couple is already engaged, but Rebecca’s family fears that Zied is no longer real after Rebecca’s first failed marriage to an immigrant.

Tarik (46) and Hazel (28)

90 days fiancé may announce his first polyamorous relationship. Hazel plans to move away from the Philippines to be with Tarik, but wants to add another woman to the relationship. Hazel is also moving with her 8-year-old son, so her story will seem to be all about the family.


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