Woman is chastised for leaving her son from a previous marriage out of the family photo.


Woman is chastised for leaving her son from a previous marriage out of the family photo.

A woman was chastised on social media after she refused to include her kid from a previous marriage in a family portrait with her other children.

In a post that has been voted on more than 9,270 times since it was uploaded on Tuesday on the popular Subreddit “Am I The A**hole,” the 16-year-old lad asked other users for their thoughts on the incident.

According to the teen, his mother remarried last year after a “difficult divorce,” and he had only recently met his half-brothers, ages 6 and 4, as well as her two other stepchildren.

He also mentioned that his mother and her new spouse had planned to make a Christmas photocard to present to other family members during a visit last weekend.

“They actually had a photographer come.” Everyone but me was dressed for it, and she [the mother]told me it wouldn’t make sense if I was in it because the photos would also be sent to her husband’s family.

“But then I said, ‘Well, our family’s side is getting photos of his kids, so what’s the big deal?’ When I first started residing with them last year, she stated she wanted me to be a member of their family, but now they don’t want me in their family portrait.

“My mother assured me that it wasn’t a huge issue, so I went upstairs and did my thing.” I’m not sure why, but it simply made me incredibly angry and sad.” When he came to pick him up, his mother and father got into a fight, according to the adolescent. The 16-year-old then sought feedback from other users on what had occurred.

He went on to say that the mother is “still pissed” and that her son “hurt her feelings” by requesting his father to pick him up early.

The overwhelming majority of responders thought the teen’s mother had acted in an unacceptable manner and backed the teen.

“I can feel the sting from here,” one person stated. Mom is solely concerned with her own sentiments, and then she has the audacity to claim that her feelings have been harmed. Really? What about the feelings of your child, the one you left for that other guy?” “Never mind that mum booked the photographer on OP [original.]” said another. This is a condensed version of the information.


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