Will ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’ Return for a Second Season?


Will ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’ Return for a Second Season?

Wu-Tang: An American Saga’s second season has come to a conclusion, with the final episode streaming on Hulu on October 27.

The series depicts a fictional recounting of the Wu-Tang Clan’s founding from the perspective of RZA (Ashton Sanders), the clan’s commander.

The show was co-created by the real-life rapper and Alex Tse, and audiences have been intrigued by the unique take on the group’s journey.

Here’s all we know so far about whether or not Season 3 will happen.

What have the cast members had to say about Season 3?

Russell Jones, aka Ol’ Dirty B******, is played by TJ Atoms, who chatted with Pop Sugar about what fans may expect in the upcoming season.

“For the tale, you’ll witness what happens when the different members get signed to separate labels,” he stated. We’ll have to wait and watch what happens when they start doing the Wu-Tang thing in earnest. We’ll most likely attend tours and performances. Because RZA was in charge of everything, there were a lot of performances and drama. RZA’s moves were met with widespread disapproval.” He went on to say that in the third season, tensions between RZA and the other Wu-Tang Clan members will likely escalate as a result of him making decisions on their behalf.

Has Wu-Tang: An American Saga Season 3 been confirmed?

The second season of Wu-Tang: An American Saga has ten episodes, the last of which was released on Hulu on October 27.

While fans have praised the show and the current season, no official confirmation of the show’s renewal has been given.

What did fans have to say about Season 3?

Following the conclusion of Season 2, many fans took to Twitter to express their expectations for the show’s renewal and the possibility of a third season.

#WuTangOnHulu #WuTangOnHulu #WuTangOnHulu #WuTangOnHulu #WuTangOnHulu #WuTangOnHulu #WuTangOnH 27th of October, 2021 So, when will Season 3 be released? pic.twitter.com/v3FiFws0M7 #WuTangOnHulu October 27, 2021 — N’Gai Sanders (@DJDaddyRaw) That #WuTangOnHuluIsSeason3ConfirmedYet cliffhanger….

— @BigBaby Drew (@Aye P) 27th of October, 2021 “Season 2 was excellent,” one fan commented. Season 3 should begin with the success of Wu Tang’s debut album and progress from there. This is a condensed version of the information.


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