Will the new travel lists allow me to take a summer vacation?


Will the new travel lists allow me to take a summer vacation?

What effect would the government’s decision on travel lists have on tourists?

The PA news agency responds to ten essential questions about the situation:

– What are the itineraries?

For countries all across the world, the government has devised a risk-based traffic light system with red, amber, and green ratings. When people return to the UK, the ratings determine the quarantine and coronavirus testing requirements.

– What are the regulations of the game?

Quarantine is not required for persons returning from green places, but those returning from amber places must self-isolate at home for 10 days.

Arrivals from countries with a red tier must stay in a quarantine hotel.

– Do the rules apply to persons in England, Britain, or the United Kingdom as a whole?

The Government’s lists and guidelines only apply in England, but devolved administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have generally adopted them.

– What was different on Thursday?

On the green list, Portugal was the only viable big tourism destination, but it has since been placed on the amber list.

Most popular vacation destinations, such as Spain, France, Italy, and Greece, were already in the amber tier.

Seven more countries have been added to the red list: Sri Lanka, Egypt, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Sudan, and Trinidad & Tobago.

According to the government, Covid prevalence was found to be high in new red list countries, and evidence of community transmission of concern variations was found.

– Is there a plan to add more places to the green list?

Some Spanish and Greek islands, as well as Malta, were rumored to be included, but the government has decided against it.

– Will the adjustments be implemented right away?

The new regulations take effect at 4 a.m. on Tuesday, allowing holidaymakers in Portugal to return home and escape quarantine.

– Is it okay for me to travel to an amber country as long as I quarantine at home when I return?

Despite the fact that there is no law forbidding individuals from vacationing in an amber list country, the government is promoting them to do so. (This is a brief piece.)


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