Why Is ‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 Divided Into Two Parts?


Why Is ‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 Divided Into Two Parts?

Fans of AHS who haven’t been paying attention may be confused next week when the FX show shifts from a narrative about artist-vampires to a story about the 1950s UFO boom.

No, this isn’t one of the many flashbacks in American Horror Story: Freak Show: This year, Season 10 was split into two parts. The first is “Red Tide,” which has been airing on FX and Hulu for the past five weeks, and the second is “Death Valley,” which will premiere on September 29.

The title of this season, “Double Feature,” hinted at the fact that American Horror Story Season 10 would be split in two.

Fans, on the other hand, have been left perplexed as to why the show is cramming two stories into a single episode.

Why is Season 10 of American Horror Story divided into two parts?

Since the end of the 1984 season in 2019, AHS creator Ryan Murphy has teased that Season 10 would cover two stories. He added in a Variety interview that he was playing with “dealing with two ideas,” and that he “leans towards whichever is more in my brain right now.”

The super-producer eventually decided to do both ideas, as American Horror Story: Double Feature demonstrates.

Murphy also intimated that the upcoming season might feature extraterrestrials that year. When asked what the theme for Season 10 will be, he pointed to Episode 8 of 1984. A true-crime writer mentions aliens in a conversation with Emma Roberts and Angelica Ross’ characters in that episode (who went on to star in AHS Season 10).

In this interaction, she also mentions Bigfoot, who would later become a major story piece in an episode of the American Horror Stories spin-off.

American Horror Stories also reveals why Season 10 of the original program has been broken into two parts. The show’s willingness to experiment with producing shorter stories was demonstrated by the launch of a spin-off show that delivers a new story every week.

Depending on how long the story they wanted to tell was, each seasons had different episode durations. For example, 1984 featured nine episodes, whereas seasons like Freak Show had thirteen.

The show will benefit as a result of this. This is a condensed version of the information.


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