Who is Micheline Roquebrune, the wife of Sean Connery?


On Saturday morning the death of the Scottish icon actor Sean Connery was announced. He is best known for the legendary James Bond role in seven films. He is left by his wife Micheline Roquebrune and his son Jason.

In a statement to the BBC, Connery’s son said that his father was visited by his family in the Bahamas when he died at the age of 90.

“We are all working to understand this huge event because it happened so recently, even though my father has not been well for some time,” said Jason Connery. “It was a sad day for all who knew and loved my father, and a sad loss for all the people around the world who enjoyed the wonderful gift he had as an actor.

Sean Connery was married to his wife for almost 50 years.

Roquebrune was not the first marriage of the Bond star. As Closer Weekly reports in September, the two met in 1970 when Connery was separated from his first wife, Australian actress Diane Cilento, with whom he had his son Jason.

Roquebrune and Connery met at a golf event in Morocco. They married in 1975 and remained together until his death. Roquebrune, a painter, grew up in Scotland, but according to The Guardian is of French-Moroccan descent.

Heavy reported that Roquebrune was married twice and has three children before meeting Connery. She had no children with Connery.

In a feature film released in 2011 in the British tabloid The Sun, Roquebrune explained her first meeting with the actor and said she didn’t know what a big star he was, but she immediately felt a connection.

“I saw this man from behind, and of course he had a nice build,” she told the publication. “Then I dreamed that I saw this man. I was lying in his arms. And I thought, “Peace at last. The next day I went back to the tournament, and that was it!”

Connery also spoke romantically about Roquebrune. “Micheline is an amazing woman. She is the love of my life,” he told the Sun.

In The Sun’s profile, the couple explained that they had a language barrier when they first met, but still got along very well. The couple enjoyed playing golf together.

Roquebrune is a celebrated painter whose art has been exhibited in Chicago, Washington D.C. and other cities, Heavy reported. Her IMDb page shows that, in addition to painting, she has appeared in several documentaries about Connery and James Bond. She is also listed as an additional crew member for the 1983 Bond film Never Say Never Again.


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