Who Are the New Characters in Netflix’s ‘Elite’ Season 4?


Who Are the New Characters in Netflix’s ‘Elite’ Season 4?

With characters like Valerio, Carla, and Lu gone and a totally new class of pupils wandering the hallways of Las Encinas, Elite Season 4 features the show’s biggest cast shake-up yet.

The principle gets dismissed at the opening of the new season of the Netflix show—which is about time, given that two murders occurred while she was in charge. This new principal, on the other hand, brings with him a slew of issues for Elite students, as well as three kids who are all messed up in their own ways. Cayetana’s own Spanish spin on A Cinderella Story is given a boost in Season 4 with the addition of a genuine royal.

All of the new Elite Season 4 characters

Ari – Carla Daz

What is Ari’s name? Ari, the twin eldest of the principal’s three daughters, is the one who resembles her father the most in terms of her adherence to the rules and competition. The character also serves as the core mystery of Elite Season 4, with hints at an event that has led to her fighting for her life in a hospital at the end of each episode.

Carla Daz, who is she? She is a 22-year-old actor and former child star best known for her appearances in Madres. Love and life, Tierra de lobos and Seis Hermanas

Benjamin – Diego Martn

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