Which members of the cast of Netflix’s Manifest have been confirmed for Season 4?


Which members of the cast of Netflix’s Manifest have been confirmed for Season 4?

Netflix has saved Manifest, which is great news for fans who were hoping to see Season 4 of the show. The bad news is that the cast’s contracts expired between the show’s cancellation by NBC and its renewal by Netflix.

This means that we can’t expect to see every member of the cast return. During the period the show was off the air, at least one Manifest star, for example, booked another show.

However, a number of cast members have announced that they will return for Season 4, which is scheduled to be the show’s final season.

Which members of the Manifest cast are set to return for Season 4?

The following main cast members will all be back when the series returns to Netflix on September 9th, according to Deadline:

Ben Stone – Josh Dallas Michaela Stone – Melissa Roxburgh Saanvi Bahl – Parveen Kaur Jared Vasquez – J.R. Ramirez Olive Stone by Luna Blaise Angelina Jolie – Holly Taylor

After making a guest appearance in Manifest Season 3, another cast member is scheduled to join the main cast. Ty Doran will play the elder version of Cal Stone, who was first introduced last season. However, former Cal actor Jack Messina will be one of the cast members who will not return for the Netflix adaptation of the show.

The day after all of these cast members were revealed, Deadline reported that Daryl Edwards, who played NSA director Robert Vance in the first three seasons on NBC, had been promoted to series regular.

Is Matt Long set to return in Season 4?

The greatest concern heading into Season 4 was whether Matt Long will reprise his role as Zeke Landon.

Following the cancellation of Manifest, Long landed another role in the NBC pilot Getaway. If the show is picked up for a second season, the actor will be cast as a series regular, which will limit his time on set for Manifest.

He did, however, disclose to the press on September 12 at the Creative Arts Emmys that he will be returning. He couldn’t predict how much of the fourth and final season Zeke would be present, though.

When asked how long he’d be on the program, he stated he’d “come back for some” of Season 2. This is a condensed version of the information.


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