Which couples in ‘Married at first sight’ season 11 stayed together?


The romantic experiment “Married at First Sight” was packed into its 11th season on Wednesday, and as in previous seasons, there were some couples who decided to stay in their relationships and others who couldn’t sign divorce papers fast enough.

Surprisingly, however, this round of the show was more successful compared to previous seasons. Only 21 of the 34 couples who performed in MAFS seasons 1 to 10 stayed in their marriages, and now three more couples are being added to this list.

So who are the lovebirds that were happy ever after in MAFS season 11?

Amelia and Bennett

The mating of Amelia and Bennett was a classic case of Kismet. From the moment they first met in front of the altar, the couple seemed like a heavenly couple and, as chance would have it, they really were.

Amelia was almost instantly entranced by Bennett’s eccentric outlook on life, and his willingness and openness to share his feelings with her immediately captivated her. As they spent time together, she became a huge fan of his carefree and idiosyncratic style and was routinely tickled by the clothes he wore in bed-or nightgowns, as he called them. Throughout this time, Bennett fell deeply in love with all aspects of Amelia, from the daily reaffirmations of her feelings for him to her laughter and sense of adventure.

As in any relationship, the couple faced some challenges, especially when it came to Amelia’s work. For a time, Bennett was unsure if he was ready to end his life as a theater director in Louisana and follow Amelia to a new state to practice medicine, but as time passed and their bond grew, it became clear that they were the only couple of the season who could not live without each other.

As the day of decision dawned, it was almost certain that they would decide to stay married. Bennett made it crystal clear that this was a union that would last forever when he surprised his wife with a tattoo of her initials on his body.

“It is such an absurd surprise, but I love her. He tattooed my initials on his butt? Man! I guess that means we’ll probably be married forever,” Amelia enthused during the episode.

Karen and Miles

Here is a perfect example of the power of time.

In contrast to earlier squadrons of the MAFS, in which couples lived together for 8 weeks before the decision day, the squadron 11 members had to spend 16 weeks together before an official decision could be made whether they wanted to stay married or not. The extension was due to the coronavirus pandemic, which arrived exactly in the middle of the season and stopped production. However, the delay in filming was not in vain, as the experience of the joint quarantine helped Karen and Miles to finally establish a relationship.

The couple had moved at a snail’s pace compared to their actor colleagues in terms of building an emotional bond – mainly because Karen had put up so many walls and didn’t necessarily trust Miles to be as sincere about his feelings as he was trying to project. All the extra time together really helped her feel comfortable with her husband, which led to her deciding to stay married on the day of the decision.

“So you know that the last four months have not been easy at all. I think we had very different feelings,” Karen explained. “One thing I love about you, and one thing I will always respect about you, is just like your heart, how generous you are, and I would like to stay married because I believe that this heart you have is, frankly, what has allowed me to feel more comfortable with you. I feel that our marriage has only begun a few weeks ago and I would like to explore where this can lead”.

Amani and Woody

There was an immediate attraction between Amani and Woody. The new groom just couldn’t stop raving about his wife’s appearance on her wedding day, and he became more and more attracted to her when he learned that Amani was not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. Meanwhile, Amani admired her husband’s playful manner and the way he always calmed his feelings for her.

They were among the first couples to confess that they had fallen in love with each other and packed their PDAs for the entire season. Of course they wanted to stay married.

“When I look at love, I always wanted to be married. I w


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