Which Character Color Is the Most Popular in ‘Among Us’?


Which Character Color Is the Most Popular in ‘Among Us’?

Innersloth, the creators of The Among Us, have revealed the most popular character colors among fans of their whodunnit game, with “Tan” coming in dead last.

In ‘Among Us,’ How Many Colors Are There?

The first big update from Among Us’ new content roadmap, which was unveiled at this year’s Guerrilla Games Fest, arrived in June. The patch improved the game’s aesthetics, included a new kill screen meeting menu, repaired a number of problems, and boosted match lobby size by 50%.

That last aspect was without a doubt the most significant modification in the update, as it completely changed the game dynamic. In order to accommodate the more congested matches, it was also necessary to offer more color possibilities to Among Us.

In the multiplayer lobby, you cannot be wearing the same attire as everyone else. This is because it helps you distinguish amongst suspects while you’re trying to figure out who’s the imposter.

Given the constraints, it’s critical that everyone has ample color options. Previously, enough costumes were required for only 10 people at a time, but today up to 15 crewmates can be seen sprinting around the various maps.

With the June update, Innersloth recognized this and added six new character options: Gray, Banana, Rose, Maroon, Coral, and the ever-neglected Tan. This implies that there are now a total of 18 skins, allowing even latecomers to an Among Us lobby to have some control over their appearance.

Which Character Color Is the Most Popular in ‘Among Us’?

Innersloth has looked through their backend data over a month after the June update arrived to determine which of the color options is the most stylish.

The popularity ranking for each of the game’s colors is displayed in a post from the official Among Us Twitter account, which is branded with the “More You Know” meme, with Red coming in first (they are essentially the mascot character), Black in second, White in third, and Tan dragging behind in 18th.

According to the comments on the same post, the status quo may be overturned soon. Many supporters are rallying around Tan, so don’t be surprised if it happens unexpectedly. This is a condensed version of the information.


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