Where Donald, Joe, Melania and Kamala will be on the list of America’s top baby names in 2020.


Donald Trump is the current President of the United States, but that may not last long. Since Friday, Trump’s chances of retaining the position of commander-in-chief seemed to fall into the hands of opposing former vice president Joe Biden.

While America is clearly torn between the two candidates, both apparently have baby names popular all over America, whether directly inspired or not.

The names Donald and Melania have both had their moments of popularity in the Trump administration, and now the ultra-classical name Joseph stands as one of the most popular baby names of 2019. There are no current data on popularity in 2020, as babies born in November and December are not yet registered with the Social Security Administration.

Of the three names, Joseph is the highest rated baby name according to the baby name records of the Social Security Administration (SSA). In 2019, the last data recorded by the SSA, Joseph was ranked 24th among the most popular baby names in America.

Joseph is of Hebrew origin, and the name apparently means “God will multiply” according to babynames.com.

However, the popularity of the name has declined dramatically. Joseph has been on the list since 2000, when it ranked eighth among the most popular names. The abbreviated name “Joe” is not nearly as popular, in 2019 it was ranked 705.

The name Donald shows a similar trend. In 2000 Donald, which means “World Leader” from its Scottish origin, was ranked 217th among the most popular baby names. In 2019, however, he was ranked 553rd among the most popular names. Between 2016 and 2017, immediately after Trump took office, the popularity of the name increased slightly. From 2017 to 2018, however, the name dropped by 41 places.

Around the time Trump took office, the name Melania also experienced a boom in interest. In 2017, Melania made it to the list of the 1000 most popular baby names and took 993th place. 283 female children were baptized with the name Melania this year. At no other time did the name make it onto the list, which means that its popularity has declined since then.

Allegations that the name Ivanka, the name of Trump’s beloved daughter and advisor to the President, was also popular during Trump’s term of office, also exist. Apparently, use of the Ivanka name increased 362 percent, Raffinery 29 reported with SSA data in 2018, but Ivanka is still not listed on the SSA website because the name has not yet made it into the top 1,000 names in a year.

With the start of a possible takeover by Biden, the name Kamala (inspired by his vice presidential election Kamala Harris) has already begun to gain popularity. According to the Miami Herald, it has been used 104 percent more than in the past, although Kamala is still not on the SSA’s list of the 1000 most popular baby names.


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