What Was George Harrison’s Reason For Leaving The Beatles? The Real Story Behind the “Get Back” Scene


What Was George Harrison’s Reason For Leaving The Beatles? The Real Story Behind the “Get Back” Scene

Get Back is a new documentary from Disney+ about The Beatles that takes us into the studio where the Fab Four worked on their final album, Let It Be. Tensions were high in the band at the time, as viewers can see in the video, not least because the band was being recorded for a TV documentary.

Things get a touch too much for one of The Beatles at the end of the first episode. After a morning spent working on “Get Back,” in which Paul McCartney repeatedly criticizes George Harrison for “vamping” the song (and in which Harrison does not appear pleased to be there), Harrison has had enough. “I’m leaving the band now,” he says as he walks out of rehearsals. The other members of the band also discuss how he stated he’d “see you round the clubs,” albeit we don’t hear it in the film. He’s just as cryptic in his diary as he is in the Disney+ documentary. “”I got up and headed to Twickenham,” he writes. Rehearsed till lunchtime, then parted ways with the Beatles and returned home.” When did George Harrison part ways with The Beatles? We know exactly when Harrison left the Beatles because to these recordings and Harrison’s notebook — January 10, 1969, a Friday.

This made him the group’s second member to leave in less than six months. Ringo Starr had also left the group for a while in August 1968, during the recording sessions for that year’s The Beatles (aka the “White Album”).

Starr paints a picture of each member of the band feeling separated from the others in the previous Beatles documentary Anthology: “I quit because I felt two things: I wasn’t playing well, and the other three seemed to be having a great time, while I felt like an outcast… I paid a visit to John… ‘I’m leaving the group because I’m not performing well, and I feel unwanted and out of it, and you three are very close,’ I explained. ‘I thought it was you three!’ John exclaimed.” After that, I went to Paul’s house and knocked on his door. ‘I’m leaving the band,’ I said the same thing. I get a feeling you three are pretty close, and I’m not one of them.’ ‘I,’ Paul added. This is a condensed version of the information.


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