What is the plot of ‘Belfast,’ and when will it be released? — The Oscar-nominated film directed by Kenneth Branagh.


What is the plot of ‘Belfast,’ and when will it be released? — The Oscar-nominated film directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Simply put, Belfast is Sir Kenneth Branagh’s love letter to the city where he grew up. Despite the fact that it has yet to be released, it is expected to win an Academy Award for its gorgeous cinematography, star-studded ensemble, and intriguing storyline at the forthcoming Academy Awards in March.

Branagh was born in 1960 and migrated to Reading, England, with his family during the onset of The Troubles in Northern Ireland at the end of the decade.

Despite having been away from his homeland for more than five decades (which Branagh thinks extremely fitting), his love for it has never waned and only got greater during last year’s lockdown.

At the 2021 London Film Festival, Kenneth Branagh and stars Caitrona Balfe and Jamie Dornan were interviewed by Washington Newsday to learn more about Belfast.

What is the story of Belfast?

Belfast is a semi-autobiographical film written and directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh, told through the eyes of Buddy, a 10-year-old boy (played by Jude Hill). He and his family, a protestant working-class boy, try to go about their daily lives in North Belfast amid the onset of The Troubles.

Branagh discussed why it was the appropriate time to deliver his story to the small screen with The Washington Newsday on the London Film Festival Red Carpet.

“The lockdown made a lot of us extremely introspective,” he continued, “and I think it made us think about things that were precious to us.”

“In my case, it was this moment of leaving Belfast, which felt to me… now that I’d thought about it for 50 years, it had the most profound impact on my life.

“As a result, I began to believe that what had occurred to our family might be something that other people could empathize with, and that there might be a value to telling this narrative other than retelling something from my own past. Because of the lockdown, there was a chance of being able to tell it.” Branagh joked that “people can take away whatever they want” after seeing the film, hoping that it would make them think. He said, ” “Even when it’s under threat and sometimes how — there’s a sort of blend of value, pains, and joys of family life that you’re lucky enough to have. This is a condensed version of the information.


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