What Are ‘Twin Flames,’ Anyway? Megan Fox explains the meaning of the term “machine gun.” Kelly Hers (Kelly Hers) is a


What Are ‘Twin Flames,’ Anyway? Megan Fox explains the meaning of the term “machine gun.” Kelly Hers (Kelly Hers) is a

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s strong romantic relationship has captivated viewers since they met last year while working on the film Midnight In The Switchgrass. But that’s not the only item that’s on fire, according to Fox, who claims they’re “twin flames.”

In their first joint interview last year, Fox discussed their spiritual connection through the podcast Give Them Lala… “I realized immediately away that he was what I call a twin flame… we’re truly two half of the same soul, I believe,” she says of Randall. And I told him that pretty instantly since it was something I felt right away.”

In the July issue of Who What Wear, the 35-year-old actor gushed over Machine Gun Kelly, who was born Colson Baker, claiming that she felt led by a higher power to co-star in a film with him.

“To be honest, that was definitely a means for me to meet Colson. I knew he’d be in the film, but the universe simply said, ‘Go do this.’ There’s something about this encounter that you’ll find extremely fulfilling.’

“I felt right away that this was a soul I’d met before, that this was a soulmate connection, and that there was a reason for us to be here.”

What Is a “Twin Flame” Relationship?

While the concept of a twin flame may appear to be similar to that of a soulmate, Tarot reader and writer Kerry King told This website that the connection between twin flames is far stronger.

She explained, “It’s a better deal.” “You have the deep soul connection without the karmic, past life baggage, or unresolved business that comes with a soul mate. You are attracted to each other not because you have unresolved issues from a former life, but because you are a perfect match.”

Is it possible to have more than one twin flame?

According to King, some individuals believe that twin flames aren’t just two people who have a strong relationship, but one soul split into two, spanning two physical bodies. According to this understanding, we can only have one.

“However, I am an optimist and believe that you can have more than one. Things change, and people change. “Everything is constantly changing,” she continued.

What are the signs that you’ve met your twin flame?

While there are numerous. This is a condensed version of the information.


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