Weight reduction: These five tips help you lose weight.


If you eat a balanced breakfast with protein, fat and carbohydrates, you will get the energy you need for the day. “If you skip breakfast, you start the day with an empty battery,” says Ms. Kirkpatrick. “Studies show that a higher protein intake in the morning is also important to avoid ravenous appetite attacks later in the day”.

Whether you want to lose excess pounds, feel fitter or do something good for your health, there are many good reasons why people want to lose weight. Unfortunately, losing weight is not easy. The Ernhrungswissenschaftlerin Kristin Kirkpatrick has some Tipps, which help to successfully decrease in a contribution of the renowned Cleveland Clinic (the USA).

Many humans know from sorrowful experience that removing is not easy indeed. Only one reduces the body weight laboriously and within shortest time the lost pounds are again back. But some Tipps can help thereby that the weight reduction remains of duration.

With these five Tipps successfully removing

Good sources of protein include eggs, cheese, wholemeal bread or toast with peanut butter and unsweetened yogurt with berries and hemp seeds.

Skipping meals can make your body believe that it is in starvation mode. “Think of sumo wrestlers. They eat little or nothing all day and then late in the day a large meal – hence their size and high fat-to-muscle ratio,” explains the nutritionist.

Make your choice: three meals a day with two or three snacks, five or six small meals a day or eat something every three to four hours.

Breakfast and protein intake

Each of these approaches ensures an even metabolism – and keeps the blood sugar level stable. The balance helps your body to function optimally and prevent weight gain.

Another option is fasting. Studies show that people who rely on interval chamfering have a lower risk of disease, lower mortality and more success in losing weight.

“You do not want your blood sugar to rise and fall as if you were on a roller coaster. As a result, your energy levels fluctuate and all your body processes work less efficiently,” explains Ms. Kirkpatrick.

An intensive training program is great if you are happy with your weight and in good health. However, if you are having difficulty losing weight, a moderate exercise program works better for you.

She adds that if you set your goals too high and don’t achieve them, you will not feel successful. “It is better to set small goals and exceed them.”

If you add strength training on at least three days, you can strengthen the muscles, speed up the metabolism and facilitate weight loss.

“Moderate exercise is especially important if you have problems with blood sugar. Intensive training increases the stress on your body by causing your blood sugar levels to rise and then fall,” says the expert.

If you run regularly for 30 minutes, you will benefit more than from an intensive 90-minute routine that you cannot stick to.

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