Watch as this ‘at first glance married’ cast member leaves the Season 11 reunion – a little foretaste.


At least one person is missing in action during the Married at First Sight Season 11 casting session on Thursday night.

In a exclusive preview of the special episode (above), presenter Kevin Frazier reveals after a virtual meeting with Olivia and her estranged husband Brett that Brett has decided to withdraw from the rest of the reunion. It doesn’t really matter why Brett decided to leave his fellow players, because nobody seems to miss the season’s most problematic cast member anyway.

“He left the bachelor party early, so it doesn’t surprise me that he left the reunion early,” Henry says in the clip.

Amani strikes a chord: “I think we’ll have a good time even without her. One hundred percent,” says Amani.

That Brett skipped the group part of the reunion was perhaps for the best, because he probably wouldn’t have been very comfortable listening to his teammates tear him apart with their comments about his behavior throughout the season.

Henry is the first to add his mustard and claims to have seen Brett for exactly who he was from the beginning, especially after Brett openly hit on Henry’s friend at the groom’s bachelor party at the beginning of the season.

“I think that his personality might fool people at first. But I found him kind of obnoxious. I questioned his intentions, and I think the way he behaved at the bachelor party was exactly the way he behaved throughout his marriage,” says Henry.

Although Olivia didn’t learn of Brett’s flirtatious antics at his bachelor party until much later, she still had to endure the brunt of his sarcasm and various other negative traits for weeks until the couple decided to pull the plug on their marriage a few weeks before the decision date. Now that she has seen the show and witnessed Brett’s playboy behavior at his bachelor party, Olivia is even more repulsed by him.

“I was shocked. It was even more disgusting to watch it on TV than what I heard, and I feel sorry for Kristen [Henry’s girlfriend] and I feel he owes her an apology,” Olivia says.

It’s all part of Olivia’s past now, and she couldn’t be happier about being completely done with Brett. “Wish him well. Good-bye,” she says.

The Married at First Sight Season 11 reunion begins on Lifetime Thursday at 8:00 p.m. ET….


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