Virginal River’: Jack actor reveals who he thinks shot his character


The Virgin River season 2 ends with a massive cliffhanger as Jack (played by Martin Henderson) is shot dead shortly after he finally confesses his love to Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge). According to the series’ creator, the mystery of who shot Jack will be the focus of season 3, which has not been officially confirmed by Netflix, but rumor has it that shooting has already begun. Even though the new season is still a while away, this does not mean that the fans haven’t speculated about who the shooter is.

Leading the speculation is Henderson himself, who has some ideas about who it was who left his character bleeding from the floor of his bar.

The actor told TVLine: “I always joke that it is most likely Charmaine. It comes to mind!”

Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) actually has a motive. After all, she was last seen in Virgin River when she was rejected by Jack, and her impulsive behavior has caused concern for other characters throughout the series. But could she really be willing to kill the father of her children in a plot that could also see her go to jail and have her children in custody?

Of course, as in any good crime thriller, there are many suspects that the fans will be suspicious of throughout the 3rd Jimmy (Ian Tracey) for example, on the Netflix show earlier in the day, literally threatened to “put a bullet right between [Jack’s] eyes”.

Other suspects include Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth), whose relationship with Jack is somewhat clouded, and Calvin (David Cubitt), whose Fentanyl business plan was ruined by the character who was later shot and who may have already tried to poison him. Of course, if it was Calvin, he probably sent someone to do it instead of getting his hands dirty, which means we could be looking for a second person in the conspiracy.

Either way, show runner Sue Tenney told Virgin River fans to expect the unexpected. She told the parade: “The only thing I can say is that not everything is as it seems”.

What we do know, however, is that Jack will most likely survive the shooting unless the show moves massively away from the books and ends the love story between Jack and Mel before it has really started – something that fans of the Netflix series and the 30+ books on which it is based will probably not like.

“If you’ve read the books, we all know that Jack and Mel are meant to be together,” Tenney told Parade. And since Mel is a nurse, she should be able to keep him alive until paramedics arrive-and keep the love in the heart of Virgin River alive.

Virgin River Seasons 1 and 2 can now be seen on Netflix.


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