Verizon Announces Employee Vaccination Requirement, Claiming It ‘Must Comply’ With Mandate.


Verizon Announces Employee Vaccination Requirement, Claiming It ‘Must Comply’ With Mandate.

Verizon, a telecommunications corporation, stated on Thursday that all employees must be vaccinated.

The corporation mentioned in a blog post that the federal government has mandated the COVID-19 immunization for “workers of federal contractors like Verizon.”

The order “applies to people who work in conjunction with federal contracts and extends to other workers who work in the same areas,” according to Craig Silliman, the company’s executive vice president and chief administrative, legal, and public policy officer.

He added, “It also includes those who work from home in functions related to federal government employment.”

“Non-union Verizon employees in the United States must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated regardless of where they work or how often they come into a Verizon work location,” he wrote, “in light of the current requirements and the additional requirements that will be forthcoming from the Department of Labor.”

The vaccine restrictions will not apply to “home-based” Verizon Consumer Group employees or those who work outside the United States, according to the corporation. The mandate will not apply to unionized personnel for the time being, while the corporation has stated that it is “in contact with the unions.” Many corporations have announced vaccination obligations, according to Reuters, after the Biden administration set a December 8 vaccine deadline for government contractor employees in September.

Amtrak, Union Pacific Corp., Boeing, and a number of US airlines are among these companies.

The White House declared on September 24 that “covered contractors must ensure that all of their covered employees are completely vaccinated for COVID-19, unless the person is lawfully entitled to an accommodation.”

While certain Verizon employees who are required to be vaccinated by the corporation must do so by December 8, others will have slightly longer deadlines of January 1 and February 1, 2022. The schedule is “based on current and anticipated U.S. federal requirements,” according to the corporation. “Vaccines are our response to push change and curb the development of COVID-19 in our communities so that we can protect one another and escape from this disaster,” Silliman continued. “While we understand that there are people with diverse ideas and viewpoints about COVID-19 and the vaccine among our workforce,” Silliman said on Thursday, “we must comply with the government’s regulations, including those for federal contractors.”

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