Turmeric and coriander as household remedy against blisters in the mouth.


Small, white-yellowish, annoying. Everyone probably already had aphthae in the mouth and wished they would disappear again quickly. A doctor has tips on how to accelerate the healing process. Home remedies such as turmeric or coriander can help to make the so-called aphthae on the tongue, inside of the cheeks or lip disappear more quickly, explains dentist Goran Bajic in the magazine “Good Health” (October/November 2020 issue).

Aphthae are lesions that often occur in the oral mucosa and manifest themselves as painful round or oval blisters with an inflammatory edge. In most cases they are harmless and heal on their own. With turmeric and coriander, healing can often be accelerated.

Mix turmeric and honey, then carefully apply to the blister and leave to take effect for about a quarter of an hour. This has an antibacterial effect, explains Bajic. Another tip is to boil up coriander leaves and seeds and rinse out the mouth with this brew for about three minutes. A rinse with tea tree oil and water also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Possible causes of aphthae include stress, a weakened immune system and minor injuries – if you slip with a brush while brushing your teeth, for example. If the blisters always appear after eating certain foods, you should avoid them. According to Bajic, most aphthae heal on their own within about a week. If the symptoms last longer, one should go to the doctor, he advises. (vb; source: dpa/tmn)

How to use turmeric and coriander

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Accelerate healing of aphthae
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