Trump supporters pray to the doors of the Clark County polling station for a victory for Red Nevada.


Some Trump supporters prayed in front of the Clark County election office on Thursday night in hopes of a victory for the president in Nevada. The Southwestern state has yet to announce a winner of the 16 votes from the electoral college.

A video of a handful of women kneeling in front of the building was posted on Twitter Thursday night by CBS news producer Alyssa Estrada. The women can be heard singing their own prayers. “They tell me that they are praying that justice will be done and that justice will prevail,” commented Estrada.

Two of the women wore red caps, one of which appeared to be a Trump brand, the Make America Great Again cap.

The women have just arrived at the Clark County Election Department. They tell me that they are praying that justice will be done and that righteousness will prevail.

– alyssa estrada (@anenews) November 6, 2020

Supporters of President Trump knelt before the Clark County Election Department in Nevada and prayed as the votes are counted nationwide. #Election2020

– ABC news (@ABC) 6 November 2020

At the time of release, Biden led the Nevada vote count with 49.7 percent of the vote. He was the trump card with 48.1 percent of the vote. According to The Associated Press, the difference was only about 21,000 votes.

While both Republicans and Democrats have spoken with the power of prayer, the Trump campaign seems to rely heavily on Christian spiritual reflection. Trump’s own spiritual adviser, Paula White, became known on Thursday for her own Trump-centered chants.

Her static prayers were distributed through the social media platform, although most tweets also made the praying sermon a meme. Someone put a track of Eminem in the background of the speech and made their own mashup.

Trumpâ’s spiritual advisor announces an open borders policy for angels in Africa and South America.

– raf (@rafaelshimunov) November 5, 2020

From time to time Twitter delivers complete gold. Trumpâs spiritual advisor relies on Eminem. With a dancing cat.

– Richard Boorman (@RichardBoorman) November 5, 2020

It wasn’t the first time White had been in the spotlight, and it wasn’t the first time she got a digital roast. In a sermon she delivered on January 5, White was quoted as saying that she asked a higher power to “order all satanic pregnancies to miscarry immediately”.

The footage of the sermon in question made the rounds, and White soon found herself explaining that she had not meant her comments literally. “I don’t normally respond, but this was clearly taken out of context,” White said on Twitter. “I prayed [Ephesians] 6:12 that we would not wrestle against flesh and blood. All that was devised by demonic plans so that it would be wiped out and would not prevail in your life…” (Ephesians 6:12)

Trump supporters continued to hope, as throughout the day on Friday, political experts and media workers slowly began to announce a foreseeable victory for Biden. Rush Limbaugh, the moderator for conservative radio, was one of the first to announce that Biden would take over the presidency, a claim he later retracted.

Nevertheless, Trump focused his efforts on asserting injustices in the election counting centers across America. He did not back down from his claim that the Democrats were “stealing the election,” and he has already filed a handful of lawsuits.


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