Tourists Posing With 9/11 Memorial on TikTok: ‘Sitting on Their Names Draws the Line’


Tourists Posing With 9/11 Memorial on TikTok: ‘Sitting on Their Names Draws the Line’

People are outraged after a TikTok video of people posing for photos at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City went viral. One of the characters in the video sat atop the memorial and smiled for the camera.

Since it was posted late last month, the video by @backpackflipflops has received over 1.6 million views and 1,800 comments.

The footage was shared by Joanne Hendrickson, a New York-based travel blogger, who called out the people she spotted posing gleefully in front of the memorial, which was built to remember the 2,977 people murdered in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

The video’s description said, “I recently watched on @influencersinthewild about photographs at the Holocaust Memorial, and it reminded me of these idiots at the 9/11 Memorial.”

The video begins with a man posing with a thumbs-up while seated on one of the enormous square pools where a tower formerly stood and balancing on his foot.

The video then cut to a woman adjusting her camera to obtain the perfect shot of a man looking up at the ruins of once-great towers. A woman was also caught on camera posing while a man used a selfie stick to take shots of her.

Hendrickson said in the comments that they were all chased away from the memorial “within seconds.”

“However, it is all too common, and it is so disrespectful to individuals who are attempting to give respect,” she added.

Hendrickson told The Washington Newsday that she has seen this type of behavior at the memorial on several occasions.

“I go down to the memorial 1-2 days a month to video names for family who are unable to visit their relative’s names [because to distance or emotional reasons]and ask me to film it for them,” she added. “There will be several people doing things like this every time I go there.” She said the worst thing she’s ever seen was a man sitting on top of the names in the video, but she’s seen parents putting their children up on the memorial all the time.

“Most of the time, however, it’s people taking ‘Instagramable images’ from the area, such as staged shots or happy selfies,” she explained. “I’d say every time I go to the memorial, I see at least ten individuals snapping these kinds of images within a minute.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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