Today YouTuber Maya Maxwell of Tic Tac Toy turns 8 years old and has already a second career


one of your favorite kids, YouTubers, is celebrating his birthday today while continuing to expand his wild online presence. Maya Maxwell, one of the children of Tic Tac Toy, turns eight years old on December 2, and her YouTube success continues to grow.

Despite being only eight years old, Maxwell is one of the stars of Tic Tac Toy, a family-run YouTube channel aimed at children and families. They specialize in toy reviews and silly videos that promote trendy children’s items, from the mini-brand capsules you see everywhere on TikTok to the classic American girl dolls.

Since Maxwell family parents Lucy and Jason and children Maya, Addy and Colin launched their channel in 2015, they have gained 4.13 million subscribers and over 2.2 billion viewers. This is a wild achievement for any broadcaster, especially one that focuses on such healthy content.

Now eight years old, Maxwell is still acting as one of the channel’s leading actors. She and her sister Addy often star together in scripted videos, such as “The TOY MASTER is Back! In series like this one, the family shoots “dangerous” situations that add excitement to the toy videos.

Unlike other family channels, Tic Tac Toy is really all about fun and games. Even videos with other angles, like “Tic Tac Toy Home School”, use their time to let the children play with toys, whether for educational purposes or otherwise.


The success of Tic Tac Toy has earned the family many millions of euros, and all because of Maxwell’s love of toys. Before their channel launched, Maxwell spent her spare time watching videos on YouTube about unpacking toys. The family wondered why they were so fascinating to the child until their own videos took on a similar form.

“I see dozens of these videos, which have dozens of millions of viewers. And I did more research, and people get paid for clicks,” Jason said in Tennessean in 2019. “I turned to Lucy and said, ‘We’re in the wrong business. I think we can do this.'”

Now that the family is so loved by her YouTube fan base, she has even created her own toy creation. Maxwell and his sister Addy have a toy collection that is available in stores like Target and Walmart and even online retailers like Amazon.

Although Maxwell is only eight years old, she is one of them and is working on a multi-million dollar fortune thanks to her love of unpacking, her obsession with healthy toys and her hard-working family.

You can browse the entire Tic Tac Toy YouTube catalog here.


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