This super sleepy cat lover has just won the national Cat Day.


The beauty of having a pet is that you are never alone, even if you come home from work at two in the morning. This Reddit user showed the cutest video of her cat, who tries hard to stay awake to keep company in time for the national Cat Day.

U/SaveTheLadyBugs posted a video of a very sleepy cat on Thursday from Reddits r/aww, and it has been viewed nearly 75,000 times. A number of awards were also given for the ultra-large content that really shows how comforting a cat can be.

In the video, the orange cat sits upright on what looks like a stool or side table. “I get home from work around 2 a.m.,” the poster explains. “Tonight he made a great effort to stay awake and keep me company while I got ready for bed.

I get home from work around 2 a.m. Tonight he really tried hard to stay awake and keep me company while I got ready for bed.

So much is obvious in the way the cat’s eyes close. He continues to sit upright while brief moments of sleep drift into one out of his face. The most important thing about this moment seems to be the cat’s dedication to recognize the sleeping habits of its owner. While the animal is obviously exhausted and ready to cuddle into bed, he keeps watch over his friend to make sure he is not alone… even in the middle of the night.

Commentators found the captured moment special and related. The favorite commentary, which received 4,300 votes at the time of publication, described a similar cat that really loved sleep. “I had a cute cat like this one, she expected the USA to go to bed at 10:30 am,” wrote u/stefaniey. “If I didn’t dare to accompany her to our bed chamber until then, she would give her signature to all the others in the room to cuddle (bread on her chest, her head against her chin, purring and drooling) and then sit down next to me, crass. Then my family became so uncomfortable that they asked me to “put her to bed as she wished”.

Another popular point, however, concerned the manners of the cat. Many cats are considered nocturnal, so this pet’s obligation to sleep sounded unusual to some Reddit users with much noisier cats. “My cat would take me at 2 a.m. at everything I do as a sign that I should walk around noisily for the next 2 hours. Your cat is clearly an ideal housemate,” said u/DrunkenTypist.

In the main conversations, however, they celebrated how faithful and loving the cat seemed to be. No one seemed to argue other reasons for the animal’s sleepy companionship. Everyone agreed that the animal really loved and appreciated its owner and wanted to spend time with him. And sometimes it seems appropriate to interrupt the sleeping schedule to support the loved ones….


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