This Incredible Simone Biles Photo Demonstrates Why She Is the Best


This Incredible Simone Biles Photo Demonstrates Why She Is the Best

A breathtaking photograph of American gymnast Simone Biles doing a flawless spin has taken the internet by storm.

Bryan Keane, an Irish photographer, captured the now-iconic image. He’s in Tokyo for Inpho Photography, an Irish sports photography agency, to cover the Olympics.

Keane, who was sent to the Far East to cover the Games mostly from an Irish perspective, admitted to This website that photographing Biles at her finest was a bit of a fluke.

He explained, “I was in the press room when I observed the American gymnasts were up on their rotation.” “She’s the biggest name in the sport, so I was interested to see how she performs in person. As a working but also a spectator, I was in a really privileged position to do so.”

While up to 30 photographers followed Biles and the rest of Team USA during that day’s floor practice, Keane focused his efforts on capturing a memorable shot from their next spin, on the vault.

“I did a shot with one of the Irish athletes there that worked because of the black background that was behind them when they launched into the air.

“Putting an athlete in that area creates such a contrast that it wipes away everything else. If they’re a little lower, the photo becomes a little more congested. As a photographer, you obsess over stuff like that.”

While the rest of the photographers were working on the floor, the Irish photographer sat low to maximize the effect of any photographs he took.

“I was under no obligation to get a shot. It meant I could take more chances in order to acquire something great,” he explained.

“I was down there shooting, sort of staring up at them,” says the narrator. Coming off the vault, the gymnasts have a lot of elevation, so they were putting themselves precisely where I needed them.

“I couldn’t tell when they were coming into picture because they suddenly appeared out of nowhere. So I put up the camera on a fixed manual focus point, positioned it there, and waited. This is a condensed version of the information.


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