They will make him dirty: 50 Cent says that Donald Trump will go to prison.


The rapper 50 Cent seems to believe that President Donald Trump is going “to jail”. At least the rapper tweeted that on Thursday.

How many people around the country keeps track of 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, the results of the 2020 presidential election and Trump’s comments on the state of the race. In places like Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, votes are still being counted. However, the president has not only claimed an early victory, but has also publicly called for the counting of votes to be stopped. This thought has apparently put 50 cents in front of a riddle and caused the 45-year-old to post his thoughts on Twitter.

“If they have Trump dirty, he will go to prison. If you ever get a president to do that, tell him to stop counting the damn votes. LOL SMH,” wrote 50 Cent on Thursday.

The man they’re going to do Trump dirty for goes to jail. If you ever get a president to stop counting the votes. LOL SMH

– 50 Cent (@50 Cent) November 5, 2020

Along with the message, the rapper and actor included a photo of the Statue of Liberty with a homemade mask slingshot that Trump was to throw into the air.

Early Thursday Trump tweeted: “STOP THE COUNT”.


Trump’s call to stop counting comes as his democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, who continues to lead the incredibly close race.

A number of states are still making their way through the ballot box and postal vote. While some states allowed the prior counting of postal votes, there were some places across the country – such as Pennsylvania – where postal votes could not be counted until election day, while other states allow the counting of postal votes only after the counting of the attendance ballots. In states such as Pennsylvania and North Carolina, the Supreme Court has allowed ballots stamped before election day to be received up to nine days after the counting of the ballot.

Given the millions of ballots mailed this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, election officials have long suspected that the count would not be completed on election night.

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign began Wednesday with the filing of lawsuits to challenge election processes in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan, while the president has called for a recount in Wisconsin, where Biden won by 20,000 votes.

It is unlikely that there will be legal consequences for Trump’s rhetoric, as 50 Cent has suggested, but his assumption that the president could go to jail is hardly the most bizarre statement the power star has ever made in the social media.

Just one day before the election, 50 Cent stirred emotions when he tweeted a photo of a black man waving a Confederate flag against a white man with a Black Lives Matter sign. 50 Cent compared the picture to rappers Lil Wayne and Eminem, who had recently expressed their support for Trump and Biden respectively.


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