These 20 Restaurants Have Unusual Hidden Menu Items.


These 20 Restaurants Have Unusual Hidden Menu Items.

There’s good news for folks who are tired of Big Macs and Starbucks iced coffees.

Restaurant menus are no longer etched in stone, and diners can now select customized secret surprises.

These prominent restaurants’ secret menu items, courtesy of HackTheMenu, can satisfy your hunger needs. At the time of writing, all entries were available.

Dragon Drink from Starbucks

Starbucks is always coming up with new drink ideas.

“Clients can customize their beverages, and we also provide information to help customers decide what’s best for them,” a spokesman told this publication.

“At Starbucks, our baristas have over 170,000 ways to personalize beverages, including a choice of milks, syrup combinations, coffee/espresso alternatives, and toppings.”

Handshaken with creamy coconut milk, ice, and a scoop of actual diced dragonfruit, the Dragon Drink is a tropical-inspired pick-me-up fashioned with a delightful combination of sweet mango and dragonfruit flavors.

Protein Style, In-N-Out Burger

According to this website, In-N-“secret Out’s menu” dishes began as requests from consumers for variants on basic menu items.

“Over the years, several of those variations were given names, generally by Customers who frequently ordered their burger that way,” the company claimed.

“Some of those titles stuck, and many of our long-time customers still order Animal Style or Protein Style burgers.”

Instead of a bread, the In-N-Out Protein Style dish is a burger wrapped in lettuce.

Quesadragon Chipotle

The Quesadragon is made by ordering a quesadilla with sour cream, tomatillo red-chili salsa, and hand-mashed guacamole on the side through the Chipotle app or website.

“Fans can make Chipotle’s famous ‘Dragon Sauce’ by mixing the tomatillo red-chili salsa with the sour cream right in the entrée’s 100 percent compostable packaging,” the restaurant added.

Super Roast Beef Sandwich from Arby’s

“Shh!! A statement on Arby’s website reads, “It’s our secret menu, only for you, our devoted customers.”

“These old favorites are still available, even though they aren’t on the menu. Simply tell the clerk your secret order, and the sandwich will be yours.”

The Super Roast Beef Sandwich, which is only available for a limited time, is described as “the perfect mix of our oven-roasted beef with green leaf lettuce and luscious tomatoes, all topped with a zesty Red Ranch Sauce on a brioche bun.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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