There is no ‘Bachelorette’ tonight, but Tayshia Adams and Clare Crawley want you to vote.


Bachelor Nation will have to wait a few more days to see the finale of Clare Crawley’s story in The Bachelorette, but the rose owner’s social media is just as entertaining for now. Crawley encourages bachelor viewers to vote on election day, and she is not alone.

Tayshia Adams, Crawley, and even Dale Moss have reported how they voted on Instagram, apparently in an attempt to get viewers to vote as well.

Crawley posted an Instagram story late Monday night in which she wore an “I voted” sticker. She said nothing about who she voted for or when she voted. But Crawley’s post seemed to be a way to start discussions with the fans about the way to the elections on Tuesday.

Her rumor that her boyfriend, Moss, was close behind Crawley On Tuesday, Moss also told an Instagram story about an adorable dog named Havoc with a digital “vote” sticker. He claimed that the puppy was “on his way to the polls”.

Viewers of the reality dating series know that Moss and Crawley will leave the series as a couple in the next episode. Crawley will then be replaced by Tayshia Adams, a fact confirmed in the final seconds of last week’s final episode. Although Adams has not yet officially stepped into this position, many viewers already see her as the bachelorette.

Many expected her reign to begin on Tuesday evening, although The Bachelorette was moved to Thursday this week. However, Adams is still relevant on Tuesday, as she also spoke a little about voting.

Compared to Crawley and Moss, Adams made a huge statement.

Last week Adams filmed a Reels video for Instagram that she showed when she was putting together her Vote By Mail ballot. In addition to the long video showing Adams dancing as she drops the envelope into a voting box, she made a statement about the privilege of voting.

“I am so proud to have the privilege of voting,” she wrote in the caption that appears on Adams’ Instagram feed. “I want change, I want equal human rights, I want to improve the future of this country for my future children, and because I have the right to make a difference, and so do you!

Others from the franchise have been silent. Host Chris Harrison has not posted anything about voting in the social media. Instead, the host continued to remind viewers of the postponement of the Bachelorette episode this week.

Adams is expected to fill in for Crawley in the Thursday night episode after an emotional conversation between the current Bachelorette and the ABC production team. From there, it appears that the season will focus on Adams meeting the remaining men and possibly a few additional candidates to be cast for them.


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