There are ten others who are having a worse day than you.


There are ten others who are having a worse day than you.

Are you having a rough day? We’ve all been in that situation.

While excessive schadenfreude isn’t always a good thing, it’s sometimes necessary to put things in perspective. Someone is always having a harder time than you.

Some people, thankfully, can laugh at their own misery.

These people were gracious enough to let us share in their misfortune.

Shampoo [email protected] ain’t shit original sound – Drake

Ilda Susterac, a TikTok user, made a terrible discovery about a man she was dating.

“You left ur purple shampoo here,” her partner said in a screenshot of a text she received.

Purple shampoo is commonly used by blonde hair colorists to keep their hair shining and erase brassy tones.

Susterac’s face and dark hair are soon revealed.

“Men ain’t s**t,” she captioned the photo.

2. @thismudderfluffer Angry Dog

He must want to visit the #dogpark #dogparkdrama #dogsofttiktok #cutedogsoftiktok #TakeTheDayOffChallenge #fluentpet♬ Coi Leray of TWINNEM To assist their pets communicate, several pet owners have started employing speech therapy buttons.

Giving your pet a voice, as TikTok user @thismotherfluffer discovered, can backfire.

After their dog was told, “We’re not going to the dog park,” Jude the dog expressed his displeasure by repeatedly pressing the “b***h” button.

3. Fail Repair

It is commendable to try to save money and be frugal when it comes to household repairs. It can, however, go awry at times.

This Reddit user discovered that repairing their shower was a little more difficult than it originally appeared.


The most devestating moment of my life was being handed that piece of sketchbook paper #ChiliDogYumPlz #LiveFlowSweatDuet #TheSuicideSquadMovie original sound – emmakeane

Receiving a painting of yourself from a stranger sounds like the perfect rom-com meetcute.

Unfortunately for TikTok user @emmakeanehaha, it wasn’t quite as good when a stranger in an airport sketched her portrait. This is a condensed version of the information.


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