The tiniest, most amazing earbuds, the Earin A-3, have arrived.


The tiniest, most amazing earbuds, the Earin A-3, have arrived.

Earin introduced their first genuine wireless earphones in 2014. Even though it was only seven years ago, it had never been done before. We got the closest to wearing little audio devices in each ear while watching the Joaquin Phoenix film Her. I looked into why independently wireless Bluetooth devices had become available and were about to take over the earphones market at the moment. AirPods now govern the category that a few firms pioneered not long ago in 2021. Earin, on the other hand, hasn’t given up. In the A-3, it’s back with another category-defining offering. These are the tiniest, most ubiquitous earbuds I’ve tried, and they’re fantastic.

The A-3, like the original AirPods, are open ear, which means they don’t have silicon tips and don’t establish a seal. This should allow them to work with a wider range of ear shapes and sizes. They manage to sound loud, clear, and semi-bassy while doing so. There’s no left or right orientation on these earbuds, either. They’ll figure out how to make the audio operate in stereo if you put one in each ear.

In 2021, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by new earbuds. I thought we had mostly seen and heard the bulk of improvements for a product like this. I was wrong.

True Wireless Earbuds Redefined

Imagine putting something the size of a pistachio in your ear. There’s not much to hold on to in order to position it. That’s likely one of the reasons the A-3 are shaped the way it is with a little surface area bent into a triangle, perfect for holding between a thumb and forefinger. The visible flat edge that sticks out of the ear is also the tap area for controls.

Putting in the A-3 earbuds the first time is a bit awkward. It takes a minute to figure out exactly how it fits and stays put. I inserted both earbuds and shook my head to confirm they were in well enough. The earbuds are light and rest in the ear canal nearly imperceptibly, just like AirPods but minus any stem hanging down. I almost didn’t believe these were a real shipping product and not a manufacturer’s prototype. The A-3 are a. This is a brief summary.


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