The Story Behind Elon Musk’s Partner Grimes Carrying a Sword at the Met Gala.


The Story Behind Elon Musk’s Partner Grimes Carrying a Sword at the Met Gala.

Grimes, an experimental singer, arrived to the Met Gala in New York City on Monday night with a statement piece: a big, medieval-looking sword.

The sword has a more interesting backstory than most other accoutrements. It was created by MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based art collective best known for “Satan Shoes,” an infamous sneaker collaboration with rapper/singer Lil Nas X that included a bronze pentagram and an inverted cross containing a drop of actual human blood.

The sword was also made from a melted-down semi-automatic weapon.

The sword should be less controversial than the shoes, which sparked a lawsuit from Nike after a line of their shoes was utilized without permission to manufacture the limited-edition footwear, angering conservatives.

The weapon rounded out a costume for the “Genesis” artist that included a metal face mask, a crystal ring shaped like a space ship, and an anti-gravity ponytail.

Lil Nas X also wore an armor ensemble to the Met Gala, except his was gold and featured a huge cape. The event was hosted in honor of the Costume Institute’s newest show, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” which will open to the public on September 18th at the Anna Wintour Costume Center. The subject was American style, which guests interpreted in many ways.

Grimes, the futuristic Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s partner, told Vogue that her dress was inspired by the novel Dune, whose author (Frank Herbert) is an American. The novel has been made into a movie, which will be released in theaters on October 22.

She told Vogue that she and her stylist, Turner, were “working with the Dune movie people” to make her a “influencer or something” to promote the picture, but no official contracts had been signed before the event. As a result, her appearance was nicknamed “Dune-esque.”

MSCHF created a sword out of a melted-down AR-15 gun. It’s part of the group’s “Guns2Swords” gun buyback project, which turns old firearms into swords.

Anyone who wants their own MSCHF sword can send in a rifle, which will be melted down and turned into a saber. MSCHF also sells $5,000 swords forged from the material. This is a condensed version of the information.


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