The Star of ‘Fear Street’ Reveals How Netflix Movies Were Shot ‘Back to Back to Back’


The Star of ‘Fear Street’ Reveals How Netflix Movies Were Shot ‘Back to Back to Back’

Fear Street is a trilogy of films distributed by Netflix over the course of three weeks. The idea is that these three films, set in 1994, 1978, and 1666, are linked by a dreadful curse on a small hamlet.

The first picture, released in 1994, features a gang of youngsters who are terrorized by monstrous ghouls that go on killing sprees around Shadyside.

Deena (Kiana Madeira) has to save her ex-girlfriend Sam (Olivia Scott Welch) from the assassins who are after her.

As they struggle to save Sam, they find there’s more going on than they believed, and the witch’s spell they’re fighting has been passed down through generations.

The second picture, which was released in 1978, depicts the narrative of Camp Nightwing, where a young man gets possessed and goes on a killing rampage, which aids Deena in figuring out how to break the curse.

She is taken to 1666, the time of Sarah Fier, the witch they have been attempting to defeat, as the second film closes.

According to the star of the film series, the way the movies were made was a “major undertaking,” and they shot the films out of sync with even their release timetable, let alone their chronology.

“It was a major project for everyone, but we were so lucky with such an incredible set of people surrounding us, like the cast and crew,” Madeira told This website.

“We had a particular plan for how we would execute [the film], and I believe that sticking to our plan and simply bringing our enthusiasm and passion to work every day made it possible.”

Filming took place in Atlanta for a total of 106 days, or almost six months.

The films are set in the past, although they were shot in the reverse sequence of their release dates, with 1994 being shot first, followed by 1666 and 1978.

This is due to actor overlap, as 1666 combines the casts from 1994 and 1978.

“It was actually rather enjoyable understanding the course of my character through all three films in the beginning,” Madeira continued.

“You know, unlike a TV show where you get the episodic scripts days before you start filming, you get the episodic scripts days before you start shooting. This was fantastic because I’d known from the beginning, ‘ This is where my character ends up. This is a condensed version of the information.


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