The sight of a sea lion and a dog playing together on the beach has sparked an online debate.


The sight of a sea lion and a dog playing together on the beach has sparked an online debate.

On TikTok, video of a sea lion and a dog’s odd connection went viral, igniting an online controversy.

We can see a Labrador dog wading out into the ocean towards a sea lion in the video, which was submitted to the app by Lindsay Greenberg, also known online as Linzybinzy120.

The cute video then switches to the two creatures on a California beach, sizing each other up.

The sea mammal waddles towards the dog at one point, and the dog waggles his tail and barks at his new companion.

Greenberg can be heard stating in the video, which can be viewed here, “When your son invites his new friend over.”

The image then changes to the dog on the balcony, staring down on the sea lion as the marine mammal frolics on the sand beneath his fuzzy companion.

“When you live on the beach they’re still buddies to this day #viral #dogsoftiktok #animalsdoingthings #comedy #foryou #vlog #beach #crazy #amazing #fy,” Greenberg said in the caption.

The touching video has received over 1.3 million views and 207,900 likes since its release.


They’re still buddies when you live on the beach #viral #dogsoftiktok #animalsdoingthings #comedy #foryou #vlog #beach #crazy #wow #fy

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Many individuals raced to the comments area to express their thoughts on the film, but many of them aimed their criticism at Greenberg.

“You do realize that we are meant to leave them alone, they’re an endangered animal, and we don’t need to be interfering with them just because they are cute,” one individual, Tom, wrote.

“Hey so just a heads up but this is actually highly unlawful and dangerous for both!” Natalie Parra, another TikTok member, commented.

“Please don’t let your dog harass marine animals,” CLC typed.

Despite the fact that the Marine Creature Protection Act makes it illegal to harass any marine mammal, Greenberg emphasized to This website that the circumstances was unusual.

“I personally do not advise anyone to approach wildlife, and this particular instance was handled by the local wildlife shelter,” she stated.

“No one should watch this and assume they have the right to contact with animals; we were on private land, and nature approached us, so I did. This is a condensed version of the information.


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