The Prince Charles confession night before the wedding was “devastating” for Princess Diana.


Prince Charles told Princess Diana on the eve of her royal wedding that he “did not love her,” a new documentary claims.

The Prince of Wales did not want to “go to the wedding under a false premise” and wanted to “come to terms” with his future wife before he entered into the bond of marriage, a confidant said.

The astrologer Penny Thornton spoke regularly with the princess from 1981 onwards and claimed to have made the ITV documentary “The Diana Interview”: The Revenge of a Princess.

In the program that was broadcast last night in Great Britain, she said: “One of the most shocking things Diana told me was that Charles told her the night before the wedding that he did not love her.

“I don’t think Charles wanted to go to the wedding under a false premise. He wanted to come clean with her, and it was devastating for Diana.

“At the time she didn’t want to go through with the wedding, she was thinking about not attending the wedding.

The separations between the Prince and Princess will be re-examined in the fourth season of The Crown, which will air on Netflix on Sunday.

The couple’s marriage was eventually destroyed by an affair the Prince had with Camilla Parker Bowles, his present wife, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Charles and Camilla had gone out before, but separated when he joined the Navy, and she then married Andrew Parker Bowles.

The Prince admitted infidelity in a BBC interview with Jonathan Dimbleby in 1994, in which he said he had been faithful “until it broke irretrievably after we both tried.

In last night’s ITV film, a close friend, Dr. James Colthurst, describes Diana’s anger at her treatment and how he helped her get her story published.

He said: “I remember that she was more and more upset about what was going on and about the fact that the whole organization, as she saw it, was helping to support the relationship between Camilla and Prince Charles.

“She had moments of extreme anger and wanted to smash the mattress with the tennis racket and so on, and I said, ‘Well, I think there are ways to puncture the abscess’.

Colthurst helped Diana record tapes recording her treatment by Prince Charles and the Monarchy, which were then given to the biographer Andrew Morton.

His sensational book Diana: Her True Story revealed Prince Charles’ affair when it was published in 1992.

Princess Diana found Prince William “weeping” over her affair, book claims

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ITV’s documentary marks 25 years since the princess made her claims in front of the camera for the BBC Panorama in 1995.

In this extraordinary interview, she told the world not only about Charles’ affair, but also about her own affection for James Hewitt.

She famously said: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

However, the scoop from journalist Martin Bashir has been controversial recently, as Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, claims he used fake financial reports to gain access.

He claims that the BBC took advantage of Diana’s paranoia by presenting fake evidence that suggested that people close to her were selling information about her.

In a letter recently sent to the BBC but forwarded to the Daily Mail, he said he had faked Diana’s paranoia: “I am now formally requesting that the BBC open an investigation into this matter and I hope that it will get to the bottom of the key questions”.

He added: “I don’t have to leave you in doubt, because I want to be absolutely clear and not threaten: this will all come to light now”.


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