The price of Red Bull and steak at Salt Bae’s new restaurant has gone viral.


The price of Red Bull and steak at Salt Bae’s new restaurant has gone viral.

Do you recall Salt Bae? Back in 2017, remember the suave restaurateur who went viral after sprinkling salt on cut meat?

People found his approaches hilarious, thus film of him seductively making steak became an immediate online phenomenon. However, there is one thing that people on the internet aren’t laughing about: his new restaurant’s rates.

Since it was shared on September 26, an image of a customer’s receipt has been liked by 23,200 people on Twitter. The post has been retweeted by over 4,200 people.

Nusret Gökçe, the Turkish chef’s real name, is now the proud owner of the Nusr-Et network of luxury steakhouses.

On September 23, Salt Bae opened his London restaurant in the wealthy Knightsbridge neighborhood, and one angry client turned to Twitter to offer evidence of the eatery’s exorbitant costs.

Jamz online posted the snapshot of the lengthy bill, which can be seen here, with the following: “44 fantastic British pounds for 4 Red Bulls… having a good time.”

For just four cans of the caffeinated soft drink, £44 amounts to $59.63. We can also see from the photograph that the amount totaled £1,812.40, or $2,456.53—not exactly pennies on the dollar.

The group also paid an eye-watering £630 ($854) for a tomahawk steak, and it’s evident from the list that a Coca-cola will set you back another $12.20.

Jamz and Nusr-Et were contacted for comment by this website. Nusr-Et in Knightsbridge refused to provide the prices of its menu items when approached by phone.

4 redbulls for 44 wonderful British pounds… having a good time

September 26, 2021 — Jamz (@jjamz_)

The huge bill has sparked a lot of discussion in the comments section.

MrRCain2, for example, took issue with the golden burger, which costs roughly $135, and wrote: “What the f**k is a golden burger? Is it the best burger in the world for £100? And a steak for £630?

“Lol, if I had been you, I would have refused to pay and stormed out… That’s utter rubbish, and £44 for Redbull is also nonsense…”

“That’s huge enough to split 10 ways and have with 10 servings of chips so might be,” another Twitter user, Scribemole, said. This is a condensed version of the information.


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