The Netflix defense of Dave Chappelle raises hopes for the end of the ‘Cancel Era.’


The Netflix defense of Dave Chappelle raises hopes for the end of the ‘Cancel Era.’

Many conservatives have unexpectedly become Netflix devotees in an unexpected partnership. Right-wingers praised the generally progressive firm for defying calls to “ban” comedian Dave Chappelle over jokes that denigrate the trans and LGBTQ populations.

“Today’s conservatives want to emphasize that the woke mob is out to kill any comedy that mocks the marginalized,” said Tim Graham, executive director of the conservative news organization NewsBusters. “They also want to emphasize that the cancel culture-mob can target anyone, regardless of whether it’s woke whites tearing down a Black comedian.” Conservatives have a long list of complaints about Netflix, including its lucrative deal with Barack and Michelle Obama, the appointment of former Obama official Susan Rice to its board of directors (she resigned to join President Joe Biden’s administration), and the company’s alleged preference for liberal documentaries over conservative ones. Former California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, for example, says he was turned down by Netflix when he wanted to get his film Uncle Tom, about Black conservatives, on the streaming service; instead, the film is available on iTunes and Amazon Prime.

In a piece in the New York Post titled, “”Netflix this week has provided the rest of the culture with a simple example of what to do when the woke mob comes demanding human sacrifice and ritualized electronic humiliation: Hooray for Netflix for standing up to the cancel culture mob,” Kyle Smith wrote. Simply reply, ‘Nah.'” Chappelle slams LGBTQ activists as thin-skinned folks piggybacking on the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s in many Netflix comedy specials. In the voice of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he also mocked them for bringing about change faster. “We might have been free 100 years sooner if slaves had oil and booty shorts on,” he claims.

Chapelle attacks Glamour magazine’s choice of Caitlyn Jenner as its cover girl “In 2015, “her first year as a woman,” she was named “Woman of the Year.” Isn’t that amazing?” He also joins J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, in pressing on gender equality.

Even in his most recent show, The Closer, on his friend Daphne Dorman, a transwoman comic who committed suicide two years ago, he turns sadness into comedy by claiming he looks ahead. This is a condensed version of the information.


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