The most controversial ‘Chappelle’s Show’ sketches – Now that the show is coming to Netflix.


Netflix delighted comedy fans this morning with the announcement that the comedy hit Chappelle’s show from the early 2000s will be added to the streaming giant’s program on November 1. The news isn’t exactly earth-shattering, as Dave Chappelle has already released half a dozen stand-up specials with Netflix, but this is the first time his highly successful sketch show will be available via a streaming service.

Although Chappelle has had some success with stand-up and appearances in films such as “Con Air” and “Half Baked”, the arrival of Chappelle’s show on Comedy Central in 2003 led the comedian to megastar status. The show’s success and the many hours he spent working on it were cited by Chappelle for leaving the show abruptly while he was still working on the third season.

Now he seems at least ready enough to share the show with the world again via Netflix. To mark the occasion, is compiling a list of six of the most controversial sketches for the show. The easiest way to create a list of the “controversial sketches” from the show would be to simply write down the name of each sketch from each episode. The show is, as is the way Chappelle does it, not for the faintly offended and inherently provocative. It is also one of the funniest shows in television history. However, some sketches have not aged as well as others, at least in part because of the way the world has changed them.

But first, for warm-up, enjoy this video montage that Netflix put together for the announcement. Sensitive viewers be warned: if it’s Dave Chappelle, you’ll hear swearing and abusive language.

The top 6 controversial sketches on Chappelle’s show, in no particular order:

Rick James Although this is hardly the most controversial of his sketches on the show, this list is notable for its sheer fame and the fact that it led to a generation of young men shouting, “I’m Rick James, b**ch! This part is taken from one of the current Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories, in which the now deceased cast member and brother of Eddie Murphy talks about his first encounters with celebrities. This hilarious sketch cuts between scenes of real funk singer James, who has also passed away in the meantime, and Chappelle as Rick. “Cocaine is a hell of a drug,” says the real James as he tries to explain his strange, erratic and downright insulting behavior towards Murphy. Charlie also brought the story of a basketball game with Prince, who surprisingly beat the larger Murphy and his entourage before serving them pancakes. A picture from this sketch of Chappelle as Prince was later used by The Purple One as the cover for their single “Breakfast Can Wait”.

Tyrone Biggum’s This is not a sketch, but a recurring character, but one that will probably be more controversial in 2020 than it was more than 15 years ago. This figure was a homeless crack addict who often declared in a high voice and without provocation: “I smoke rocks”. In various sketches he taught school children how dog shit tastes delicious, stole a CD player from a car and appeared on the game show Fear Factor, which he won hands down because he had nothing to fear from being drugged by crack. (This is all more fun than it sounds here).

Frontline “Blind Supremacy” This parody of the PBS show Frontline featured a character named Clayton Bigsby, who was a blind, black and white racist. There is no need to explain why this character is controversial.

If the Internet Was a Real Place The title explains this parody in some ways. Dave walks into a shopping mall where online scenarios are played out around him as real events, including scams, viruses, music piracy and weird porn. The sketch itself is pretty tame by Chappelle standards, but the reason for this list is a guest appearance by Ron Jeremy. Back then the porn star was just a silly gig, but today he is on trial for a variety of sexual crimes that could put him behind bars for the rest of his life. In this particular case, one wonders if Netflix would cut out one of the pieces. That, and the next one:

Celebrity Trial Jury Selection Chappelle introduces himself in the selection of the jury for famous stars, including Michael Jackson and R. Kelly. At the time, Kelly was on trial for a video allegedly showing him urinating on and copulating with an underage woman. Ultimately, he was found innocent in this case, but now he is currently incarcerated and charged on 18 counts, including child pornography, kidnapping and forced labor. Although it is mostly played to the R&B singer for fun, Chappelle eventually explains that he cannot believe everything he sees in the video because it may have been manipulated. This was not the first part of the show either, with R. Kelly as the theme, and a well-known video parody with an unprintable title cannot even be shown here.

It’s a Wonderful Chest This video honestly seemed a bit disgusting when it was originally aired. The premise is that a woman with large breasts is considering a reduction due to all the unwanted attention she receives and the literal pain in her back. Soon she is presented with a scenario of what her life would be like with a smaller chest, which is of course even worse. She decides not to have surgery, although the “magic” janitor who shows her the imaginary life turns out to be PCP-affected.

These are only six of many who could easily be on the list. After all, the show contains pimp pieces, countless drug references and a race draft. You can inform about them all or revive the memories starting from Sunday.


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