The Mandalorian: The best baby yoda goods for a super sweet Christmas.


Baby Yoda (or, as Disney insistently calls it, “The Child”) was the breakout star of “The Mandalorian” on Disney+, but the Star Wars show kept his existence so mysterious that they had no merchandise when he became a global phenomenon.

This Christmas, however, they more than made up for it with a huge selection of Baby Yoda items, including clothing, action figures and, of course, many cute plush versions of The Child in all its 16″ glory.

The best Baby Yoda items available this Christmas

The Child Real Moves Plush by Mattel – $69.99

Available from: Disney store

Mattel’s plush version of “The Child” comes closest to your own baby Yoda following you across the galaxy. With the remote control you can make the child move, make different sounds, use his power hand and follow you through space as if you were the Mandalorian himself.

The socks for children – $14.99

Available from: Disney Store

It’s not really Christmas unless you’ve received at least one pair of socks, and the Star Wars merchandising team is more than happy to honor this holiday requirement.

The figurative children’s mug – $19.99

Available from: Disney store

This works for both Baby Yoda lovers and haters – the former get to see a very cute cartoon version of him every time they have a hot drink, and the latter get to pour boiling hot water over him.

Crochet Baby Alien Pattern – $7.59

Available from: Etsy

For legal reasons, this etsy post is intended for a “crocheted foreigner baby”, but it definitely bears enough resemblance to a certain Mandalorian character for the craftsmen to fix their cuteness in time for the holidays.

The crochet pattern of the green alien hooded jacket – $6,30

Available from: Etsy

Also the crochet pattern “The Green Alien” Etsy, which can turn your own baby into The Child (or into a creature similar to the child but legally different from it).

The Child 10″ Super Sized Funko Pop – $29.96

Available at: Amazon

Funko Pops has quickly become one of the most collected merchandise items among pop culture geeks, with the company offering figures of geek icons that are both massive and obscure. Speaking of massive, this year they also made a huge, almost life-size version of Baby Yoda for the biggest Star Wars fans.

Numskull The Child 3D Christmas Tree Decoration Ornament – $14.99

Available from: Amazon

Give your Christmas tree a little more strength with this detailed Christmas decoration with Baby Yoda and the typical cot.

Christmas sweater from Baby Yoda – $54.99

Available from: Merchoid

Disney never misses a merchandising trend that could offer them a source of income. With a Star Wars selection, Disney takes advantage of the trend towards the “ugly Christmas sweater”.

The Child “The Sweetest in the Galaxy” Adult Sweater Sweatshirt – $34.95

Available from: Disney store

…and for those who want a children’s sweater that they can wear all year round, Disney has (literally) provided for you.

The Lego model for children – $79.99

Available from: Lego store

Lego is also featured in The Child, expanding its Star Wars range with a 1000+ piece replica of everyone’s favorite baby at age 50.


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