The Mandalorian” season 2, episode 1 review: If that wasn’t Boba Fett, then who was it? We have theories…


If you’re reading this story, you’ve probably already seen the first episode of the second season of the Mandalorian, or you want to know what happened. So it goes without saying that what you will read below contains spoilers – perhaps even the biggest spoiler in the short history of the series.

The premiere, like many of the first season’s episodes, was more or less like stand-alone episodes that had little to do with the overall narrative of bounty hunter Mandalorian – real name Din Djarin, but commonly known as Mando – on the run with his enchanting sidekick, a small green alien species called Baby Yoda in the world of pop culture, but which Disney+ insists is known as The Child. Everything about this episode seems like a subplot on the ultimate journey to bring the child to his own people, from Mando, who seeks help from a Mandalorian compatriot on Tatooine for the said mission, to the episode’s title – “The Marshal”.

But there is Oh, so much more. First, the marshal in question meets Mando in a cantina in a network-independent village on Tatooine, wearing very familiar-looking armor. Not only does the marshal wear Mandalorian armor, he also wears armor that looks identical to the suit worn by the O.G.’s Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, which captured the imagination of all the young children who loved the first Star Wars trilogy. Yes, we are talking about Boba Fett. Except that the Marshal is about to take off his helmet, and we all know that showing your face is a big no-no for Mandalorians. Considering all we know about Fett’s background, we know that this slim gentleman (played by Timothy Olyphant from Deadwood) with a nice silver hair color and a whistle in his voice is not our Boba. Mando is also aware of this, and a shooting seems imminent.

As it turns out, the marshal has traded some precious crystals for the armor of some Jawas. He found them useful to protect the inhabitants of the village from intruders, including the Tusken bandits. What he really needs help from, however, is to protect the village from a dragon of the Krayt – a huge, sandworm-like monster that lives in a nearby cave and could decimate the settlement at any time.

Long story short: Mando agrees to help the marshal in exchange for Boba’s armor, and they kill the Krayt with the help of an uneasy alliance between the villagers and the Tusken bandits. After almost an hour, it looks like the credits are rolling on a premiere episode that was very action-packed, but a little disappointing considering the expectations for the start of the new season.

But wait: a mysterious figure is spying on the group on the horizon. Could this be the same person who briefly appeared in episode 5 of season 1? For those who need a refresher: Mando was on Tatooine during this episode, meeting with another (albeit non-Andalorian) bounty hunter who was assigned to take out the assassin Fennec Shand. Things didn’t go as planned, and the other Bounty Hunter and Fennec both ended up dead. Then we saw someone kneeling beside Fennec’s body.

But this time we get a better view of the shadowy person. He turns around just before the scene changes to the credits and the character is played by Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett in attack of the clones and Cody in revenge of the Sith.

What does this mean? One possibility is that he is the Boba Fett. Star Wars fans will remember that Fett apparently experienced his demise in Return of the Jedi after he fell into the pit of a creature called Sarlacc… on the planet Tatooine. We learned later, when the Prequel Trilogy appeared on screen many years later, that Boba was an exact clone of Jango Fett, considered by the Republic to be the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. So Boba would age to look exactly like Jango.

But maybe he is Commander Cody, also a clone of Jango? He could also be Captain Rex from “The Clone Wars and the Rebels”, or any number of other survivors of the clone fleet of the former Republic soldered from Jango’s DNA. But would the show really play so much with the fans? After all, when the show was first announced, almost everyone believed that the Mandalorians’ title character would turn out to be Boba Fett. Even Pedro Pascal, the actor who plays Mando, said in interviews that he thought it would turn out to be Boba. (This fact alone is proof of


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