The majority of French people support a national COVID vaccine mandate as part of the recently passed ‘Health Pass’ bill.


The majority of French people support a national COVID vaccine mandate as part of the recently passed ‘Health Pass’ bill.

In light of the government’s recent approval of a law mandating COVID-19 vaccines for health care professionals, two recent polls show that the majority of French people favor the concept of a coronavirus vaccine mandate for everyone in the country.

The measure, which was adopted by parliament on Monday morning, also establishes a “health permit” for anyone wishing to access restaurants or other public places.

Despite the fact that the majority of French health-care personnel are vaccinated, these proposals have sparked objections from the unvaccinated in France.

France has officially entered the pandemic’s “fourth wave,” prompting the government to enact the new regulations. Instead of stigmatizing health care professionals who refuse to receive the vaccine, government spokesperson Gabriel Attal said the rule is intended to prevent a new lockdown and limit the risks to vulnerable people in hospitals.

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Many people claim false information about vaccines spreading on the internet, are concerned about long-term impacts, or want more time to make a decision. Several medical professionals stated that it was the mandate, not the immunizations, that they objected to.

Some protesters held posters saying “My body, my choice,” and a health worker dressed as the Statue of Liberty termed forcing individuals to get vaccinated a “act of violence.”

Céline Augen, a secretary at a doctor’s clinic, is aware that refusing to get a shot could result in her losing her job, but she protested nevertheless on Saturday.

“I’m here today in support of the right to choose whether or not to get vaccinated,” she stated.

“Many health workers don’t want to get vaccinated because we don’t know much about the vaccines,” Solene Manable, a recent nursing school graduate who works in a Lille hospital, said.

According to scientists, this is no longer the case. Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson, the vaccinations used in France, were studied in tens of thousands of people around the world, and the results of the trials were made public. More than 2 billion individuals globally, including most French adults, have received coronavirus vaccines, offering a broad picture of vaccines’ influence on people’s health.

Vaccine apprehension among some health personnel has been a problem in the United States and worldwide. However, the. This is a condensed version of the information.


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