The internet rallies around a student whose best friend was accused of ‘borrowing’ and losing her $1,700 coat in a viral video.


The internet rallies around a student whose best friend was accused of ‘borrowing’ and losing her $1,700 coat in a viral video.

After a close friend took—and lost—her costly winter coat, an 18-year-old college student sought assistance on Reddit. The event has put their friendship in jeopardy because the Redditor begged her friend to replace the $1,700 jacket, but the friend refused, claiming she couldn’t afford it.

Since being shared on Wednesday, the post has received 12,600 upvotes and 1,700 comments.

Moncler jackets are known for being pricey. The cheapest item of women’s outerwear on the brand’s website at the time of writing is a $750 down quilted vest. A long coat, on the other hand, can cost more than $6,000 on the high end.

For many, the attractiveness of these coats is that they represent a significant investment that may be worn for many years. The anonymous Redditor u/abbline stated that she had only worn her jacket for a few months before it vanished.

Her best buddy, an 18-year-old, was “in [her]dorm room since [she]was hosting [their]study group,” she claimed.

She added, “After that, she was going to a party and was wearing a little dress, so she asked if she could borrow my coat because it was chilly out.” “Sure, she can take the purple one off my bed,” I said. Her companion, on the other hand, did not accept the purple jacket.

“The next day, she apologized and said she’d misplaced my coat at the party,” u/abbline explained. “She hadn’t taken the purple one, either.” She had placed the black one on my bed because it appeared to be warmer.” She said, “The coat she lost was a Moncler, and I would never have let her take it.” “I told her she could take my purple coat, which I wear to parties since I don’t have to worry about it getting stolen or misplaced.” The Redditor went on to say that the experience had left her “quite unhappy” and that she had asked her friend to reimburse her for the jacket’s cost. The companion apparently agreed—until she discovered how much the coat cost in the first place.

“Then she became upset and said she’d never be able to come up with the money,” she wrote. “I argued it wasn’t my fault because she shouldn’t have stolen it, and she burst out laughing when I said I wanted everything.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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