The internet defends a father’s decision to cut off his parents after they secretly DNA tested his son.


The internet defends a father’s decision to cut off his parents after they secretly DNA tested his son.

Whether they want it or not, new parents are frequently overwhelmed with parental advice, opinions, and insight. That meddling can sometimes go too far.

After asking if he was wrong for not allowing his parents into his son’s life, one father’s post on the popular forum Am I the A****** went viral. They covertly tested his son’s DNA, he alleged.

On meeting his wife, whom he refers to as “Sonya,” the Redditor PaperBackWriter00 claimed in his post, which has over 23,000 votes, that his parents immediately disapproved of his connection with her.

He wrote, “My parents believe Sonya is merely using me to attain her American dream.” “I told them that was racist, and I was insulted by their assumption,” she said.

The condemnation was so strong that the pair ended up eloping since his parents would not grant their blessing. The couple welcomed their first kid after two years of marriage, and the Redditor’s parents began contacting them.

He added, “My kindhearted wife didn’t think twice about welcoming my parents into our lives.” “Two days after we were discharged from the hospital, she let them meet our baby.”

PaperBackWriter00 claimed that during one of their frequent visits, his mother was playing with his son and said something along the lines of, “Aren’t you the cutest baby ever?” I’m delighted to certify that you are, in fact, my grandson.”

His mother apologized when asked what she meant before adding that his son’s DNA had been tested. PaperBackWriter00 described himself as “speechless” and requested that his parents leave.

“My mother apologized profusely and explained that they don’t trust my wife and that our son bears no resemblance to me,” he stated.

When his wife inquired about his parents’ absence, PaperBackWriter00 informed her about the DNA test. The pair agreed that his parents would no longer be allowed into their son’s lives.

PaperBackWriter00 told his mother and father that they are no longer welcome in their son’s life when they contacted to inquire when they could visit again. After an altercation, the Redditor hung up.

More than 2,000 people responded to PaperBackWriter00’s choice with their support.

“To all of you who say you shouldn’t deprive your child of a relationship, I say NO. This is a condensed version of the information.


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