The Internet backs a man who abandoned his fiancée at home on Thanksgiving.


The Internet backs a man who abandoned his fiancée at home on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time when you spend time with your family and friends.

However, one man became famous after making the daring decision to leave his fiancée at home and spend the holidays with his family alone. Even more shocking, the internet appears to have embraced the decision heartily.

The man recounted how he and his fiancée have been in a long-distance relationship for three years in a post submitted to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” community, which has been upvoted 10.900 times. This year was supposed to be her first Thanksgiving with his family. However, there was an issue with the food that was served.

His fiancée agreed to go, but only if she could bring “her own cooked food with her,” according to the post. He was perplexed by her response, especially as she is not vegan, has no allergies, and had never eaten any of his mother’s food before.

“She said it was just her decision and that she wanted to try something new for [T]hanksgiving because she was always compelled to eat the same old customary dishes every year by her family,” he wrote.

He made a point of emphasizing that she was bringing a “entire cooked meal” for herself rather than “stuff to share.”

The man called his fiancée “disrespectful” because of her stipulation, but she informed him it was better than forcing his mother to “prepare other dishes specifically for her.”

“I told her she couldn’t bring food with her and that if she persists on coming with me, she should stay at home since I’m not going to offend my mother’s cuisine,” he wrote.

His partner became emotional at that time, crying and accusing him of being “controlling” and “overreacting” to the situation. To placate his mother, she informed him she “wasn’t willing to go hungry.”

The man, on the other hand, stayed firm, getting into his car and drove several hours to his parents’ place. He said she began contacting him as he was leaving, telling him he was “wrong” to make this his “hill to die on” and accusing him of “causing her to miss” his mother’s invitation.

He’s been at his parents’ place since he arrived. This is a condensed version of the information.


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