The internet adores a veterinarian’s viral response to a negative review from an alleged anti-masker.


The internet adores a veterinarian’s viral response to a negative review from an alleged anti-masker.

On Reddit, a user posted a video of their veterinarian responding to a supposed anti-critique masker’s of the practice.

The post was made by u/Desert-DooDoo on the subreddit “Quit Your Bulls**t” and was published yesterday. The post has received over 20,000 votes and 149 comments in barely 22 hours.

The caption of the post says, “My new veterinarian is an utter savage!” A screenshot of a review left for their veterinarian’s clinic was published in the Reddit thread. A man called Rob left a one-star review for the veterinarian practice. “Very unprofessional,” Rob commented. “Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!!!!” “Rob, you’ve never been here,” the practice’s owner said in reaction to the evaluation. The owner went on to say that they remembered Rob from their prior clinic back in October, when he refused to wear a mask inside the office.

The vet responded, “I’m really THRILLED that you haven’t arrived to my new clinic, as you are definitely not welcome here.” “We have amazing patients that respect not only me as their doctor, but also my entire staff.” The reply concluded with the practice’s owner saying, “Bad behavior, such as yours, is not tolerated and should not be tolerated. Good. Riddance. The garbage was emptied by itself.” According to Physicians Practice, over 35% of online evaluations for physician’s offices are complaints about bad customer service, and approximately 21% are concerns about poor medical treatment, including “poorly skilled providers.” Their staff advises not overreacting to negative feedback and lashing out at the reviewer.

Before reacting to any bad evaluations, Vetstoria writers advise taking a little break. It’s best to take a step back from the poor review before responding publicly in a sensible and professional manner.

“Give yourself some time to get over your initial shock and fury and into a better attitude where you can confront this client’s problems head-on, but sensibly,” a Vetstoria writer advises.

It is suggested that a public answer be made under the review after a cool down period so that the reviewer feels fully heard. Vetstoria also suggests inviting the reviewer to contact the physician privately to discuss the issue. This is a condensed version of the information.


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