The ‘inappropriate’ Gabby Petito Awards have prompted apologies from Reddit Moderators.


The ‘inappropriate’ Gabby Petito Awards have prompted apologies from Reddit Moderators.

A group of Reddit moderators has resigned and apologized over a controversial series of prizes given to members who participated in a Gabby Petito thread on the social media network.

The surviving moderator team on the r/GabbyPetito thread recognized in a lengthy post that the awards, which debuted last week and featured a number of designs relating to Petito and her interests, were “tasteless” and “inappropriate.”

Petito’s parents reported her missing after she didn’t return home following a road trip with her lover Brian Laundrie. Last month, her body was located in Wyoming, and a coroner determined she died as a consequence of strangulation.

Laundrie, who is a person of interest in her assassination, has been on the run for nearly a month, with his last reported sighting on September 14.

The case’s specifics have sparked a lot of debate on the Reddit forum, with up to 148,000 members participating in r/GabbyPetito.

However, while conspiracy theories are quite frequent on the platform, the online discussion took an ugly turn after a series of awards were posted to the forum.

To the uninitiated, awards are prevalent on Reddit and are intended to be offered to members as a reward and type of money for making major contributions to a given debate. The crux of the argument in this case was twofold.

To begin with, there was the award’s design, which had pictures such as mountains, a “road trippin” van similar to the one Petito traveled in, a woman snapping a snapshot, a “broken heart,” and another centered on an FBI detective.

Second, commenters accused the administrators of profiting off Petito’s death and displaying a lack of respect for him.

The remaining Reddit moderators apologized profusely for the “tasteless” and “poorly phrased” awards, which they said were “tone deaf.”

“We sincerely apologize to Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito’s memory, as well as the Petito and Schmidt families,” the message added.

“We sincerely apologize to the r/gabbypetito community for not exercising proper judgment and for failing to provide succinct and transparent information in response to queries, misunderstanding, and legitimate criticism.”

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