The Flight Attendant’s Viral Mask Speech Video Has Been Viewed 2.8 Million Times.


The Flight Attendant’s Viral Mask Speech Video Has Been Viewed 2.8 Million Times.

A flight attendant makes several humorous comments while discussing the airline’s mask policy in a now-viral TikTok video. The video’s author does not identify the flight attendant or the airline, but that didn’t stop numerous commenters from praising her.

Though the video is funny, it also serves as a helpful reminder to all prospective travelers that facial coverings are still needed on planes.

Tyler Janee published the video with her TikTok fans last week, and it has already gotten 2.8 million views. The flight attendant and other passengers are not seen in the video because it was filmed in selfie mode. The flight attendant’s voice, on the other hand, can be plainly heard, and the video’s auto-generated captions provide an excellent interpretation of the attendant’s remarks.

At the start of the video, the flight attendant says, “We see you without your facial coverings.” “I realize it’s a 46-minute flight, and you guys seem fatigued, but we already knew that.” As a result, you may fall asleep.

“I’ll wake you up if that face covering isn’t on your face properly,” she continued. “And I don’t give a damn.”

Janee’s eyes widen as her mind wanders at this point.

“I’ll bother you,” the flight attendant predicted. “We don’t have to bother each other, but I will.”

Janee bends over her seat in an attempt to track down individuals who aren’t complying with the airline’s mask rule while she continues to declare that she can see customers wearing their masks inappropriately.

The video finishes with the flight attendant clarifying that the flight crew will swab people without masks, but it’s unclear whether she means everyone.

Janee has been contacted for comment by this publication.

When not eating or drinking, federal law mandates all passengers to wear face covers on airplanes. Each airline, though, has its own rules.

Delta and Southwest, for example, allow passengers to use gaiters as long as they have two layers of fabric, according to Travel & Leisure. However, certain airlines, such as Allegiant and American, prohibit passengers from wearing gaiters as facial coverings.

All travellers should double-check their airline’s mask policy before flying. And, of course, whatever mask a person chooses to wear, it must cover the entire face. This is a condensed version of the information.


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