The ‘Cutest Thing Ever’ is a video of snow leopards spooning and snuggling up.


The ‘Cutest Thing Ever’ is a video of snow leopards spooning and snuggling up.

Two snow leopards share a lovely nightly snuggle in bed together, according to heartwarming camera footage released online.

The video was created by The Big Cat Sanctuary, which is home to Yarko and Laila, the two snow leopards seen in the video.

A description for the video reads, “Yarko and Laila are such a wonderful duo.” “At the end of the day, they’ll always head to bed together for cuddles!” You can tell how much Yarko enjoys playing the part of the little spoon!”

The video was shared on The Big Cat Sanctuary’s Facebook and Instagram pages, where it has received over 200,000 views from cat lovers all around the world—and it’s easy to understand why.

In the video, Yarko and Laila are shown spooning before Yarko turns to face Laila and cuddles his face into his partner’s warm body.

Later, Laila can be seen scrubbing Yarko’s back, with an adoring arm resting on his shoulder.

While a gorgeous piano accompaniment plays beneath them, they cuddle close, touching paws and brushing against each other’s faces.

The clip struck a chord with many online as both an extremely charming animal video and a demonstration of true love in its purest form, and it was described as “about as life-affirming as it gets.”

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