The ‘Bachelorette’ spoiler: Tayshia Adam’s first impression Rose, Final Four, Final Two and Engagement.


Tayshia Adams takes the helm, and her half season of The Bachelorette is set to be a wild ride. She joins the show after Clare Crawley leaves with her candidate Dale Moss, and you may be shocked at the dramatic moments that may yet unfold.

Vocal audiences have already hit season 16 for Crawley’s storyline. It doesn’t seem to be Crawley’s fault; most of it should be on ABC’s shoulders, since they decided to give the bachelorette a villain’s cut. But that hasn’t stopped the Bachelor Nation from praising the idea of a new Bachelorette, even four episodes this season.

Spoilers for Adams’ run only became available on Reality Steve on Wednesday, and there are some things that remind us of Peter Weber’s season end. Yes, we know that this sentence could trigger a very strange, frustrating part of the year 2020. But listen to us.

Adams has some moments that will make for a really interesting plot.

Reports about who Adams gave her first impression to have been published since August. Reality Steve revealed that Adams chose someone named Spencer Robertson, a man who had not met Crawley. Usually the first impression of the rose solidifies towards the end of the season. Many recipients of first impression roses have even won the season. But not Spencer. The man did not even make it into Adams’ Final Four.

Instead, Ivan Hall, Zac C., Brendan Morais and Ben Smith are elected to the final four.

Around the final four is Adams’ drama from the end of the season. It’s unclear how the Bachelorette will play it, but Brendan is expected to leave the season. This happens after his family has decided not to participate in the “hometown” part of the season.

Reality Steve claimed that Adams saw Brendan as the frontrunner and may even have planned to choose him at the end of the season. But when he left the show, he was no longer an option.

Ivan then dropped out, leaving Zac C. and Ben as the last two in Adams’ history. Eventually she gave Zac C. her last chance, although the couple is not engaged. Reality Steve didn’t go into detail about why Adams decided not to get engaged, or if it was her decision at all. They left the show as a couple, but not as an engaged couple.

This is the third time Adams has appeared in a bachelor franchise series after The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.


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