The 10 most watched TV shows on Netflix in October.


In the October Netflix TV charts, five shows reached the top spot in the U.S.: Ratched, Emily in Paris, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Unsolved Mysteries and The Queen’s Gambit. Although all are Netflix originals, this month saw a number of television shows originally broadcast outside the streamer, also in large numbers, with Schitt’s Creek ending its winning streak of a year with huge viewer numbers on Netflix.

The 10 most watched TV shows on Netflix in October

10th great army
Days in diagram: 11
Highest position: 3

Teenage dramas on Netflix are like a hydra – they cancel one, only to create two in its place. With 13 reasons for the streamer to end, the streamer needed another traumatic drama to take its place, and they found one in the Great Army that many saw as the streamer’s attitude to euphoria.

9 The Queen’s Gambit
Days in diagram: 7
Highest position: 1

The Anya Taylor Joy-Star series, which appeared late on Netflix, is currently at the top of the Netflix charts. A chess drama for people who are not interested in chess, it shows as many drug and drinking debaucheries as it is actually played.

8. the 100
Days in diagram: 15
Highest position: 3

Although the last season of The 100 aired earlier in the year on The CW, the last season of The 100 was also a hit for Netflix among those who wanted to watch the episodes again and/or watch the earlier episodes and pretend that Bellamy never died.

7. unsolved mysteries
Days in diagram: 11
Highest position: 1

Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 2, released three months after the first “volume” of the true mystery reboot, was a smaller hit than the first series of episodes, but many true mystery fans have been thinking about the details of the recent cases.

6th Ratched
Days in diagram: 16
Highest position: 1

October was Ratched’s second month in the charts, proving that despite the many (many, many) shortcomings of some of Ryan Murphy’s shows, they are popular with viewers. And as the second season of Ratched has already confirmed, viewers have much more to expect from the show – and critics have much more to cope with.

5. evil
Days in diagram: 24
Highest position: 3

Already a hit for CBS, Evil expanded its audience when it was released on Netflix as the perfect supernatural show for Halloween. Although a psychologist and a priest teaming up to fight crime sounds like the staging of a joke, in the hands of Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King, it is a gripping drama.

4 Cocomelon
Days in diagram: 30
Highest position: 3

While sparkling shows make all the headlines, it is Cocomelon that silently dominates Netflix. The nursery rhyme show for children is entering its third month of existence in US graphics without any signs that it will be abandoned again, indicating that there are still many mothers who are at the end of their tether with their babies.

3. schitt’s creek
Days in diagram: 30
Highest position: 2

After dominating the Emmys this year, Schitt’s Creek also dominated Netflix this month, becoming the most watched non-Netflix original of October. Although last season there were certainly a lot of people watching and crying as David prepares for the wedding, it is also the perfect show for a pre-coronavirus escapism.

2. the ghost of Bly Manor
Days in diagram: 21
Highest position: 1

Although it was mostly a rotten pumpkin from a Halloween party, many were able to get a grip on their ghostly moments with the sequel to The Haunting of Hill House, which may have fewer purely ghostly moments than its predecessor, but makes up for a decent queer romance.

1st Emily in Paris
Days in diagram: 28
Highest position: 1

It’s hard to tell if people hate Emily in Paris or if they look at her because they actually enjoy it, but one thing is for sure: people are looking at her. Since we can’t go to Paris, this is the closest destination, even if it means following Emily when she photographs smoking French women.


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