Thanks to a microchip, a couple was reunited with a cat that had been missing for almost a decade.


Thanks to a microchip, a couple was reunited with a cat that had been missing for almost a decade.

After a decade apart, a couple in Scotland was reunited with their cat after the local SPCA used the cat’s microchip to hunt them down.

Forbes, Neil and Lucy Henderson’s cat, went missing in March 2011 after he left the couple’s Aberdeen house and never returned. The couple had given up hope of ever locating Forbes after months of searching.

Forbes had been reared by the couple since he was a kitten, and they had formed a deep attachment with him, according to Neil. Forbes was found by the couple’s friends, who went door to door seeking for him and posted missing cat posters across the neighborhood.

Neil told the Scottish SPCA, “We looked for him for months and months, but we had to come to the very sad idea that the worst may have happened.”

The couple thought they’d ever see Forbes again and moved to Edinburgh, approximately 128 miles from Aberdeen, a few years later.

Meanwhile, in Aberdeen, the Scottish SPCA was alerted to a strangely emaciated cat wandering through the city’s gardens. When the SPCA brought the cat in, they discovered he had a microchip that identified him as Forbes, a 12-year-old cat.

The SPCA said in a statement that it supports microchipping pets for this reason. Microchipping is the process of implanting a rice-sized chip under the skin of an animal that uses passive radio-frequency identification technology to tag information about the animal, such as the owners’ names and addresses.

When the police arrived at the address provided on the chip, he discovered that the couple had moved out. So he dialed Lucy’s phone number, which was encoded in the chip.

The attending officer, Greg Stevenson, told the Scottish SPCA, “I was astonished to learn how long Forbes had been missing for.” “The owners couldn’t believe it, but they were overjoyed. They used to live in the Aberdeen area, but now reside in Edinburgh. They were ecstatic to learn that Forbes would be contacting them again.”

Forbes was discovered less than two miles from the couple’s Aberdeen home and required veterinary treatment for fleas and mites, according to Stevenson.

“We have no means of knowing where Forbes has been or what adventures he has had during this time. This is a condensed version of the information.


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