Texas drivers are being warned to “don’t be bullied” into vaccinations on billboards.


Texas drivers are being warned to “don’t be bullied” into vaccinations on billboards.

As the fight over mandates continues, new billboards in Texas caution drivers “DON’T BE BULLIED” into getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to KENS-TV, a local television news station, the billboards appeared in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Waco during September. Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, based in Minnesota, is funding them (CCHF).

The billboard read, “Don’t be bullied.” “Make an educated decision.”

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg told KENS that he is not aware of anyone who believes immunization efforts are bullying them.

He told the television station, “I’d love to visit about that because what you’re hearing in terms of people encouraging others to be vaccinated is to safeguard the health of the person and the people around them.”

The ads, he added, raise “issues” about why a Minnesota-based group would buy billboards in Texas.

Nirenberg stated, “Clearly, they have a political goal.”

The billboard campaign was announced by CCHF in August. The goal of the campaign is to promote “awareness and generate resistance to mandatory vaccinations.” The group has also placed billboards in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Idaho, in addition to Texas.

“Bullying is taking place despite the fact that people who have gotten the shot are still getting sick,” the campaign says, citing breakthrough cases as one of its grounds for rejecting requirements.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while breakthrough cases can occur, they are uncommon, and immunization can reduce the risk of serious illness if a vaccinated person becomes infected (CDC).

The CDC website states, “There is evidence that immunization may make sickness less severe for those who are vaccinated but still get sick.” “Vaccinated persons have a considerably lower risk of infection, hospitalization, and death than unvaccinated people.”

The billboards are being placed while legislators continue to debate vaccine regulations.

President Joe Biden stated earlier this month that businesses with at least 100 employees will be obliged to make workers to get the vaccine, provoking an outcry from Republicans and others who oppose vaccine mandates.

The requirements have been strongly criticized by opponents. “Vaccinated or unvaccinated, we are all one people,” one group of demonstrators chanted as they invaded a food court in the Staten Island borough of New York City. Police unions have also expressed their dissatisfaction. This is a condensed version of the information.


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